Why Are LGBTQ Voters Leaning Toward Hillary?

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The stereotype is true: gays just can’t resist a powerful independent woman.

In a new survey conducted by Community Marketing & Insights, Hillary Clinton has a slight edge over Bernie Sanders among LGBT voters. It’s not a huge margin: she’d get 48 percent of their vote, while he’d get just 41 percent.

The strangest part, though, is that two percent of voters said they’d vote for Donald Trump. Who are these people? And who are the six percent who said they’d vote for John Kasich, who explicitly said that he disapproved of the Supreme Court ruling granting us the freedom to marry?

When asked whether Hillary or Bernie would be more supportive of LGBT equality, a plurality (37 percent) said that they’d be equally supportive. Of the remained, 31 said Bernie would be better, while 25 said Hillary.

That’s a strange finding, since it’s a reversal of how the voters would support the candidates. It means that among LGBTQ voters, a slim majority thinks that Bernie would be more supportive; but a slim majority would back Hillary over him. Is this maybe because it seems more likely that Hillary will win, so voters want to jump on her bandwagon? Was it HRC’s endorsement that swayed them? Or are they just really attracted to her participation in memes?

For what it’s worth, Hillary has a suite of 24 policy priorities for improving the lives of queer people. Bernie has just 7. But they’re 7 really good ones!

And let’s just have a little perspective here: a decade ago, we had to hold our noses and vote for Democrats who opposed full equality for us because they were still better than the lousy Republicans. It’s pretty awesome that now we have to choose between two strongly supportive candidates.

Community Marketing & Insights is no slouch when it comes to understanding the queer hive mind. They’ve been gathering insights on the LGBT community since the early 90s, which means they probably have a ton of data about frosted tips.

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