Why Does Washington’s Marriage Equality Push Sound So Weak?



We’ve already made the case that gay rights is about branding as much as the cause itself. So when you look at the two marketing tactics from each side of Washington’s marriage debate, one thing is clear: the marriage equality advocates are losing the messaging war.

These are the two yard signs being distributed to supporters on both sides of the aisle. One is a generic, easy-to-ignore suggestion. The other is a bold demand. And yes, the latter refers to Protect Marriage Washington’s “reject” signage.

Is a single yard sign design going to change the outcome? No, but it’s endemic of Washington Families Standing Together’s approach to the issue: going for the soft sell. The other side isn’t playing that game. Let’s at least show voters, in explicit terms, the damage about the be done if voters say No on 71.

(An earlier version of this post erroneously stated the signs were in Maine. They are in Washington.)