Why Former SF Pride Queen Karyme Lozano Supports Marriage Ban: ‘You Like Chocolate, I Like Vanilla’

Karyme Lozano, the heterosexual Mexican telenovela star, in 2008 was crowned queen at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. But this is Karyme now, at the National Organization for Marriage’s bus tour (Vota Tus Valores) where she’s helping drum up support among Latino voters for Carly Fiorina. How to rationalize her “support” for the gays (she has gay friends!) with her support for marriage discrimination?

Because Karyme had “a big conversion” a year and a half ago when her father died from cancer. She had a “big, big change in my life. I still have gay friends … they respect the way I think now.” And it’s “not what I don’t support, because I’m not judging,” but rather what she does support: chastity. Karyme says she and some of her gay friends have taken promises of abstinence. Now she “controls herself,” because she wants to get married or some crap.

But wouldn’t supporting The Gays’ right to marry promote monogamous relationships among gays? She’ll have to get back to you on that — when she figures out that NOM has sunk millions of dollars into banning same-sex marriage, something she’s either unaware of or refuses to believe.

So what would she say to her critics who now think she’s a traitor? “If you like chocolate and I like vanilla, I still love you, I don’t care if you like chocolate, but respect me that I like vanilla.” And, uh, respect us that we like chocolate? I guess?

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