Why Gays Should Fear McCain

A President isn’t the only one who takes office next January. Whoever wins the White House will bring along an entire staff of cabinet members, advisors and potential judicial nominations.

That said, gay Republican and political science professor Christopher Latimer wants to remind voters why John McCain – who opposed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage – remains the most dangerous candidate for gay voters.

Writes Latimer:

Even if McCain is not actively hostile toward the LGBT community, his cabinet and judicial appointments could have a far greater impact than opposition to a ban on same-sex marriage.

McCain’s selection of attorney general would be significant. The attorney general is the final arbiter when it comes to pursuing legal discrimination claims. Given McCain’s opposition to adding sexual orientation to the Federal Hate Crimes Bill or the Employment Non-Discrimination Act this could have far reaching effects.

The singular most important difference between a Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton presidency vs. a McCain presidency concerns the Supreme Court. McCain has expressed his disdain for activist judges and has praised President Bush for nominating individuals who strictly interpret the Constitution. This is code for conservative.

Latimer goes on to insist that gays shouldn’t “blindly” follow the Democrats, but GOP members should also remember who’s been good, bad and ugly on social evolution. And, if you ask us, that’s mostly Democrats.