Why Isn’t Anybody As Worried As Cary Godon That America Will Be Destroyed By Gay Marriage?

Know what I really don’t need today? To see America destroyed. It would be so freakin’ annoying! I have so much to do today — can you believe my sister thinks I can watch her kid for a few hours because I work from home? — and America getting destroyed would really put a hamper on things. Just imagine the traffic. How am I supposed to get to the post office with everyone fleeing to Canada? But alas, destroying America is what Roy Moore, of something called The Foundation for Moral Law, argued this week at an Iowa rally hosted by Bob Vander Plaats’s Family Leader. All because the gays are getting married, there’s going to be a “moral meltdown.” Um, I think I’m a little bit more concerned about a nuclear meltdown, but whatever. And then there’s Cary Gordon of Cornerstone World Outreach, seen here, who points to “our current literacy rate,” our safety on the streets, our declining number of church goers, and our prison population as examples of how gay acceptance are bringing down this nation. No, sir. What is bringing down the nation are $5 ATM fees.