Why Nobody Will Be Invited to Lily Tomlin’s Wedding

It’s not that comedic great Lily Tomlin doesn’t want fellow gays to be able to get married — it’s just not the sort of thing she and partner Jane Wagner wanna do. Because Jane would be late the reception, Lily would have to postpone things, and guests would start getting angry. Who needs that kind of stress?

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  • Peter

    I think you are missing some words to make your sentences not only grammatically correct but also coherent.

  • naprem

    Seriously. You’re pathetic sometimes, Queerty.

  • El Brucio

    Eh, there are plenty of straight couples who never get married either.

  • Ian

    I can’t wait to see Lily on season 3 of ‘Damages’!!

  • Qjersey

    Don’t type while drinking

  • hephaestion

    I adore Lily Tomlin. How I yearn to see Ernestine & Edith Ann again! Tomlin is a genius.

  • lucas Mariani

    is this for real? you are attacking this person for choosing not to marry her girlfriend?
    i honestly can’t believe the retards who run this site still have a job.

  • Claire Taylor

    Read the context of the article, Lucas. The person writing is NOT attacking Lily; if you actually watched the interview instead of skipping straight to insults you would realize this.

    BTW, I fucking love Lily Tomlin. 38 years with her partner? So inspirational.

  • Rob Moore

    I saw her in the early 90s at the Fox Theater here in Atlanta. It was hilarious, intelligent, and did I say hilarious. When I was a kid, I remember watching her as Edith Ann and Ernestine on Laugh In. I loved those two characters, and her skits were always the highlight for me.

  • me

    are there ANY non-lesbian female comedians?

  • A

    what an absolutely charming, intelligent woman. The sly smile and look and on her face when talking about Keith Carradine made my day.

    I love Lily.

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