Will A Footballer Come Out Now That The NFL Won’t Fire Them?

The National Football League just added “sexual orientation” as a classification protected from discrimination in their player contracts. That basically means that a football player can no longer get fired for coming out. But does that also mean we’ll see an openly gay player coming out soon? Unless they’re a big time talent, don’t count on it.


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  • Little Kiwi

    I don’t see why more pro-sports players don’t.

    actors are hired on bankability – will they draw people to the gig they’re hired for.

    someone being openly gay can’t change a spectators “opinion” of how one plays a sport. you either play it well or you don’t.

    what, are people gonna say “oh, i don’t know. ever since i found out ______ is gay his touchdowns just aren’t as believable”

    if you’re gay and in pro-sports then why be closeted? if you’re such a big tough manly-man being openly gay should be no issue.


  • doug105

    It’s a good bet a few on a team would harass them , while how much in locker room support
    they would get would be a coin toss.

  • Atlas

    This is great, and it makes me respect the NFL more, how long do football contracts last? They may no fired you from your current contract, but it could still be used as an excuse not to renew the player.

  • Parson Thwackum

    There are no real contracts in the NFL. Teams can cut players at any time and not have to pay them. There’s no doubt that any gay player who is not utterly invaluable to his team will have that happen–MOST (not ALL) football fans just aren’t that evolved. And the NFL changes very rapidly, with most careers lasting 3-5 years. There are only a small handful of truly invaluable players, and I don’t think Peyton Manning or Tom Brady are gay.

  • TomT

    OK queerty, footballers play soccer , football players play football. Love the site tho and if thats all i really bitch about your doin good.

  • Little Kiwi

    so…big tough manly buffed-up dudes are worried about “being harassed”?

    wow. so those sparkly little twinks that Come Out in their teens and get mocked really are the stronger men after all…

    I don’t get it. Genuinely. If you can play the game, if you can command respect due to your skill, why the FUCK not be Out?

  • Dude

    Umm, how does it take any courage for a “sparkly little twink” to come out? Everybody already knows. It undoubtedly takes courage to make it through the bullying, but it’s not like they could choose to be closeted.

    In the neighborhood of 70,000 people show up to watch NFL games and many of them are drunk. Maybe gay jocks are worried about anti-gay nutcases with good reason. And frankly, given how bitchy the gay community is towards sports in general, I can completely understand why a jock wouldn’t come out. Its too bad, because an out (star) NFL player would do more to help us win equality than a million trannies/drag queens and fools parading around in leather outfits.

  • Little Kiwi

    Doesn’t matter, “Dude” – they’re still the ones who have to actually DEAL with bullying. These supposedly-scared football dudes? They’re only “scared” that they’ll have to deal with what so many others ACTUALLY deal with.

    See? You prove me right. You’re one more person who blames “trannies/drag queens” for being more brave than the wannabe-macho men you choose to worship.

    Think about it – if those guys are so fucking strong and tough, why aren’t they Out? Simple – they’re not as much of a man as the “drag queens” people like you seek to demean.

    You’re justifying the cowardice of these grown ass men? Pathetic. You could learn a great deal from the people you attempt to insult, “Dude” – they’re the ones who aren’t hiding from bullies like little wimps – they’re Out and Living Out every day in the face of bigotry and hatred.

    THAT is being a real man. Hiding? That’s for boys.

  • CBRad

    The NFL re-hired Michael Vick. I don’t expect any sense about anything from them.

  • Little Kiwi

    rather than complaining about ‘Drag Queens” how about you ask your mother and father to march with you in the pride parade in your city next year.

    why not? i march with my parents every year. why not march with yours? enough with blaming other people for the work you yourself aren’t prepared to do.

  • Little Kiwi

    “In the neighborhood of 70,000 people show up to watch NFL games and many of them are drunk. Maybe gay jocks are worried about anti-gay nutcases with good reason. And frankly, given how bitchy the gay community is towards sports in general, I can completely understand why a jock wouldn’t come out”

    make up your mind – is because they’re “scared” of drunk anti-gay redneck sports fans or they’re “scared” of, uh, “bitchy gays”?

    in one breath you state that sports fans are drunken bigots and then say that “gays are bitchy toward sports”

    maybe some gays are bitchy toward drunken bigots. either way, you make no sense. so thanks.

  • Dude

    Where exactly did I say that our hypothetical football player would be afraid of bitchy queens? People look at swishy flamers with either amusement or disgust, not fear. I meant that no athlete is going to come out because he supposedly owes queer-dom something when all he’s likely to get in return is scorn.

    Potential violence from fans is a real possibility, a Giants fan is just beginning to speak again after being attacked by opposing fans after a Dodgers game. Like it or lump it, a whole lot of people are (perhaps way too) invested in their sports teams. In addition an opposing player or even a teammate might decide to purposely injure the player. These are all things that an athlete whose career might last 10 years if he is supremely lucky has to consider.

    And as far as a pride parade goes? I wouldn’t be caught dead at one of those freakshows, never mind subjecting my parents to one. Maybe a bunch of trannies and drag queens – excuse me, I mean “gender nonconformists” are your crowd. They ain’t mine. But don’t let me interfere with any of YOUR sparkling super-fabulosity, Miss Sweetness!!

  • No Homo

    @Little Kiwi: Sparkly little twinks can’t hide it.No foot ball players with come out until they are retired.Gay men are still seen as being weak and no guy in sports wants that.

  • Little Kiwi

    why are gay men seen as weak? if sparkly little twinks can come out, but a big burly “manly” buffed- up football player can’t, then who’s the REAL man? Who’s the stronger man?

    Those twinks aren’t weak – they’re Out. Thoe big tough football players? They’re not refusing to Come Out because “they don’t want to be seen as weak” they’re not coming out because they ARE weak.

    It’s the same cycle that’s been plaguing our community for decades. The guys who think they’re the real tough men won’t Come Out and then blame those who ARE Out for not being “enough like them.”

    You wanna change the way people think about gay men? Come the fuck Out.

    “I meant that no athlete is going to come out because he supposedly owes queer-dom something when all he’s likely to get in return is scorn.”
    Why’s he gonna get scorn? Have their been stories where people in the sports world Come Out and get scorned? I’m not seeing any.

    Ok, so you’re saying that sports-fans are bigoted and violent. Ok. So are your average run-of-the-mil bigots on the street. And openly gay people, sparkly twinks included, have to deal with that every day.

    I’ll ask you again – if a teeny wee sparkly twink can live an openly gay life, why not a big tough buff-muscled football player? Who’s more likely to be able to hold their own, eh? Seriously. Think about what you’re saying.

    Yeah, too bad your parents wont’ march in a pride parade. Mine do every year. And really enjoy it. I’m not sure why you’re so proud of the fact that your parents wouldn’t do that for you. Like, uh, congrats, your parents are bigoted. Be proud :D

    My parents support the people you’re insulting. That’s because my parents are compassionate human beings who believe in equality for all, not just equality for people who appeal to the sensibilities of ignorant bigots.

    But thanks for proving me right.

    we now have it very clear. pro-athletes won’t Come Out because they’re not strong enough to deal with the things that every other Out person deals with every day.

  • JAW

    The reason Big name players will not come out is because of the money they would lose… or fear losing.

    The contracts are not the issue… it is the endorsements where the players make money. The players make money with each jersey with their name on it sells. They make money on personal appearances, signing autographs, etc.

    There are very few players willing to risk big bucks to come out as Gay… There are not enough Gays out there to make up the difference… there is no way in HELL that I (or most other Gay men) would wear a jersey from a Rival Team

  • Little Kiwi

    I figured. That’s why most gay actors in hollywood dont’ come out – they make money on bankability, and bankability (for no intelligent reason) means that people have to think they’re “available.”

    We’ve all seen some idiot woman in a checkout line who acts all thrilled when a celeb couple breaks up, as if suddenly Brad Pitt being single means he’s gonna date her Piggly-Wiggly-Shopping ass.


    well, we need more vanguards in all areas of life. mark my word – those that have the integrity and courage to Come Out will be showered with praise and reverence.

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