Town Council Considering New Music Measures

Will Brighton Make Butu Taboo?

Buju Banton and other hateful singers may soon find themselves banned in Brighton. The British town’s council seems set to approve placing aural prohibitions on neighborhood pubs and clubs:

Under the policy, the playing of all so-called “murder music” could lead to a venue losing its licence.

It would cover all music, live or recorded, allegedly inciting hatred on religious, racial or sexuality grounds.

Some townsfolk and activists balk at the free speech restrictions, but Councilwoman Dee Simson claims the policy doesn’t attack free speech. And, what’s more, the restrictions are good for the community:

It will be used in really extreme cases to stop the playing of what’s loosely termed murder music. We have a large gay and lesbian community in Brighton and Hove and we want to protect people from facing such hatred.

I’m a firm believer in freedom of speech but I’m against the incitement of hatred against minorities.

The council will vote on December 13th.