Will Michelangelo Signorile Tone Things Down For New Boss Arianna Huffington?

Yesterday, outspoken gay journalist Michelangelo Signorile was named editor-at-large of the Huffington Post’s “Gay Voices” section.

Signorile, of course, gained notoriety in the late ’80s for outing closeted celebrities in the activist magazine OutWeek. In addition to spilling the beans on David Geffen and Liz Smith, he revealed that the late tycoon Malcolm Forbes was decidedly not in the vagina business. Which begs the question: Will Signorile be using his new Internet soapbox to out modern-day closet cases?

That’s probably not a priority, given his milquetoast mission statement:

“One of the great assets of Gay Voices is in fact that it’s a gay space on a much larger, diverse platform… It allows a safe place for LGBT people to find each other and engage, but also allows so many more people to plug in and be informed, inspired, enlightened and entertained.

It also allows for vigorous debate with those who disagree. And the only way we’re going to move forward is if we passionately dialogue, exchange ideas and challenge one another to think deeper. I’ll be helping to lead those debates, bringing in many varied points of view, and also helping shape the vision here at Gay Voices. I’ll be liveblogging events and weighing in with my own thoughts on LGBT politics and culture. And I’ll be listening to all of you. I’m looking forward to all of the big discussions we’re going to have on one of the most compelling issues of our time.”

Is Signorile getting tamer in middle age, or did HuffPo president Arianna Huffington put the shackles on him? We wouldn’t be surprised—the woman was married to closeted Republican Michael Huffington for more than 10 years.

Image via David Shankbone

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  • Kev C

    I can’t even find Gay Voices at Huffpo because it’s not on the menu. Besides, Huffpo isn’t exactly a gay friendly website. I think it’s because the thread moderators are from Pakistan and censor gay comments.

  • chuck

    Gay Voices was moved from the second line on the topic page to the “More” category.

  • the crustybastard

    @Kev C:

    “Gay Voices” is located in the Huffpo ghetto with “Weird News,” “High School” and “Crime.”

    It’d be sad if it weren’t so funny.

  • Rebecca Juro

    Actually, it’s often linked on the menu strip at the top of the page, though not at the moment. If you go to the “MORE” link at the end of the strip, you’ll see it in the drop-down menu. As far as Signorile goes, I don’t think he’ll impact the tone of the site one way or another. I’m one of Gay Voices newest contributors and I can tell you that challenging, thought-provoking posts are being welcomed and encouraged by the editors.

    I’d remind you that the Gay Voices section is just over a month old and barely out of the gate. They’re still filling out their contributor and editorial staff. I’d suggest you give it a little time to find its footing and define its comfort zone before you criticize the tone.

  • christopher di spirito

    I suppose it depends on how much $$$ Queen Arianna pays him.

  • ewe

    I am always weary of creating a gravy train for gay victimhood. It always happens when people start being identified for their personal status.

  • geoff

    Altho a somewhat crude/clever line, M Forbes had 4 sons – at some point he was in the “vagina business”

  • Giselle

    I’m surprised that the Gay Voices section has only been going a month. I landed there a few times from interesting sounding links on Twitter. Since then I logged in directly via the ‘more’ menu (yeah, weird company, what’s that about) – I’m looking forward to checking it out more often.
    As far as I’m concerned an LBGT section like this on a major website is great news. Call me naive if you will but as a straight ally I was delighted that it’s there. I also like the name.
    I can’t get Signorile’s radio show so I’m looking forward to being able to read his stuff.

  • timncguy

    for a couple of weeks “Gay Voices” and “Huff/Post50” replaced “Black Voices” and “Latino Voices” on the 2nd line of the home page menu bar. But, last week, they switched back. Maybe they will be alternating on a regular basis.

  • Evan Mulvihill

    @geoff: Oh no! My turn of phrase has a chink in its armor. Thanks for point out.

  • Evan Mulvihill

    @geoff: Oh no! My turn of phrase has a chink in its armor. Thanks for pointing out.

  • xander

    So far, so good for the ‘Gay Voices’: some good commentary and comments, too. Def wort a bokmark.

    @Rebecca Juro: I look forward to seeing your work there!

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