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Wilson Cruz strikes back at antigay ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ viewers

After introducing its gay couple in the fifth episode, Star Trek: Discovery has predictably faced some criticism.

While Lieutenant Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz) appeared in previous episodes, they finally made their debut as a couple and even wear matching Star Fleet PJs while they brush their teeth.

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On Tuesday, Wilson Cruz took to Facebook to clap back at the trolls giving him grief on social media, saying that he’s “focusing on the love”:

“I’m not here for your comfort. That’s not why we are here. We’re here to grow. Star Trek is and has always been here to challenge you to look outside of yourself and to see other people and other experiences in yourself. There is no division between you and me. I am just another human giving and receiving love, just like you. That is all.

You can turn your TV off, sure, but you’ll only be cheating yourself. LGBTQ people aren’t going to just disappear because you put your head in the sand. We share the planet with you. We have always been here. We will always be here. You just don’t see us. I’m happy to tell you we won’t be invisible anymore. Not for your comfort.”

I’m going to say this once and post it here for anyone who has an issue. I won’t be spending my time arguing with the…

Posted by Wilson Cruz on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

He also said love between two men is “nothing to hide.”

“We are living and loving out loud the way our creator intended us to because LOVE is nothing to hide. If my love offends you then you should take a look at that. Love is never wrong. It is the answer. We need MORE of it along with more curiosity and wonder at the diversity within our very own species.

That’s no accident. We were all made differently for a reason. How much easier would it be if we were all the same? Perhaps, we aren’t exactly the same so we could do the great work of seeing, appreciating and LOVING those beautiful and quirky differences that make us human. Willful ignorance has only brought us pain and anger and death. I know that’s not what you want.”

I humbly suggest you learn the lesson. Star Trek could be a great start. It’s been my experience that if you don’t learn it, the universe, in the end, will find a more personal way to teach it to you. That’s harder. So, learn it with us and open your mind and heart.

It’s easier that way.”

Earlier in the week, Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, said the show should aim to include more character who “cured” themselves of homosexuality: Earlier this week, Peter LaBarbera, the founder of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, claimed the show should include more characters who have ‘cured’ themselves of homosexuality “for balance”.

 “The homosexual activists are never satisfied, they always want more, more, more. We have yet to see an ex-gay, a former homosexual prominently portrayed in Hollywood.”


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  • ChrisK

    Having gay characters is part of Gene Roddenberry’s vision too.

    • SarcasaticMisanthrope

      This version of ST is NOT Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

    • RIGay

      I do agree, but it has been a LOOOONG process. During the original series, they gave nods to flamboyant characters.

      In the 80’s, when Next Generation came about, the show miss-stepped and got a lot of flack from the, now more OUT GLBT community, for having main characters meanly rebuff secondary characters making same-sex ovations for a relationship. There were two episodes; one where Riker has an encounter with a member of an androgynous species. Another disappointing episode had Crusher hotly dating a Trill until the male host was replaced by a female host. They could have addressed the “Love is love” dilemma there, but instead, had Crusher stand up for her heterosexuality, and then rather crudely rebuff the new hosts passes. The decisions were made by Paramount, it had nothing to do with the production staff.

      There were a couple of similar story lines on Voyager and Enterprise, and in the movie “Undiscovered Country”, Kirk (Shatner) rolls around with a shape shifter (Iman) whom he made out with, and who takes on his appearance, along with some pithy quotes about always wanting to kiss himself. Again, a lot of the issues at the time were with the networks and studios forcing the issue back in the closet. It really had nothing to do with the production staff.

      In the last Trek movie under Abrams hand, Sulu is gay, married and has a daughter. All played as the most normal scene ever filmed. Though brief, it was quite lovely and touching.

      Glad to see this new series is not letting the studio dictate content!

      Way to go!

    • MacAdvisor

      The original Star Trek finished filming the last episode before Stonewall happened. Having worked for LAPD and in Hollywood, I am rather certain Roddenberry knew gay people. However, I am not sure, at that point in time, having a gay character was all that in his mind. However, I seem to remember a scene in his TV movie, the Questor Tapes, I believe, a scene where the android doesn’t understand why the sex of someone matters. Could be my imagination. One’s mind lets old memories get a bit fuzzy after half a century.

      As for Sulu being gay in the last movie, no offense, but that was THE LEAST gay scene I’ve ever scene. The kiss could have been between brothers and the dialog didn’t suggest any romantic relationship of any kind. Could have been a cousin picking him up along with his daughter. I hope something was left on the cutting room floor.


    “The homosexual activists are never satisfied, they always want more, more, more. We have yet to see an ex-gay, a former homosexual prominently portrayed in Hollywood.”

    Paging RDJ

    • ChrisK

      Ha. Like that you abbreviated his name. Deep in the closet does not = former though. LaBarbera would be just as happy with that though.


      Wasn’t he out (possibly as bi tho?) in the 90s when his career was on its drug-addled ass, only to walk it back later? I swear it’s some Hollywood mass population memory erasure shit worthy of the film Men in Black.

    • ChrisK

      Yep pretty much. Hollywood didn’t want a gay super hero to ruin it’s Billion dollar franchise.

    • Carlos Primero

      There is no such thing as an “ex-gay.” There are only bisexuals who have “settled down.”

  • RIGay

    Way to go, Wilson!

    Two points – One, unless the trolls slamming the story have lived in a cave (possible) since the show was first conceived, and BROADLY ANNOUNCED, the inclusion of gay characters was always on the agenda.

    Second – whom ever that troll was that Wilson Cruz slammed is paying money to watch. It’s not like that person just happened to click on some cable channel and there was the couple in all their glory.

    Waiting for the season to be released on Netflix. Yet another premium subscription is not in the budget for now.

    • ChrisK

      My parents religiously watch the price is right and some other game show so I’ll be sure to paying for at least one month when they get here. Otherwise, I too will wait for the Netflix.

    • MacAdvisor

      ChrisK, The Price is Right is on broadcast TV, can’t you just slap an antenna on your TV? You can buy them so cheaply and I’ve seen them for a dollar at Goodwill.

  • Mr-DJ

    He has yet to see an Ex-Gay portrayed – because they don’t exist. Anyone who ‘claims’ to be ex-Gay is just a very confused Bi-Sexual.

    (And before the hate comments start on me, please comprehend what I said. I did NOT say bi-sexuals are confused!)

    • Ksb1978

      But don’t bisexuals admit they have attraction to people of the same sex while so called ex-gays claim they no longer have any attraction to the same sex while pretending to live the straight life?

  • Mr-DJ

    Anyone who objects to ANY kind of relationships on Star Trek is not a true Trekkie anyway. In the Star Trek universe there are many different alien beings and populations and sexualities, or lack of sexuality, as well as futuristic changes in our own views on the subject. Do they object to the genderless species, or the species that are polyamorous, or humans having sex with aliens? Ha – didn’t think so.

  • am_psi

    Are people having a problem with the gay characters or just the fact that the show sucks? I haven’t seen any complaints about the gay or trans issues on “The Orville” and they’ve been front and center since the second episode. I have a feeling the cast of “Discovery” got the same marching orders as the “Ghostbusters” cast got last year: deflect all criticism with claims of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Not to go too far off topic I put this show in the same category as the remake of Dynasty. Though not great, its worth its weight on the DVR thanks to having the ability of fast forward thru parts that are clearly b/s. But overall, both remake shows (Dynasty and Star Trek) suck terribly.

  • girldownunder

    “The homosexual activists are never satisfied, they always want more, more, more. We have yet to see an ex-gay, a former homosexual prominently portrayed in Hollywood.”

    That’s because there’s NO SUCH THING. Dumb*ss.

    • stevetalbert

      What about Tom Cruz and John Travolta? And Will Smith?? And that guy from Friends?? Oh, thats right ..they were never Gay.

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