WY High School Coach Resigns For Asking “Sissy Girly-Man” Players If They’re Queer

Pat Lynch, the head football coach of Buffalo High School recently resigned after giving his players a handout asking them whether their hurt feelings result from being a thin-skinned, pussy, queer, little sissy, bitch, cry baby who has woman-like hormones and gets easily butt hurt. The man now works as the high school’s guidance counselor where he will presumably offer advice to thin-skinned, sissy bitch, pussy queers who get easily butt hurt. The district must be incredibly hard up for guidance counselors.

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  • Victor

    Did I miss the part where he apologized to the players?

  • Kevin_BGFH

    He now works as the school’s GUIDANCE COUNSELOR? Oh dear God.

  • Ian

    Can’t believe they made this guy a guidance counselor. I suspect this kind of idiocy is far more prevalent than people know. Between crap like this and all the evangelical prayer-on -the-field nonsense, it makes for a hostile environment for too many young LGBTQ kids out there.

  • Kat

    I love how the “real man” is the bully.

  • MikeE

    if you read the article that Queerty quotes, he is not “now the school’s guidance counselor”.

    He “stays on as guidance counselor”. Presumably because – despite his dearth of actual qualifications – he was a school guidance counselor before this incident.

    See how easy it is to skew the facts in an article? just leave out one little part of a line and suddenly, this monster goes from being coach one day to guidance counselor the next.

    I agree wholeheartedly that he should NOT have been permitted to keep the counseling job as well. He SHOULD have been fired. Period. he is obviously patently unqualified to be a teacher or to function in any way, shape or form around children.

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    This reminds me of the indie film “The Slaughter Rule,” where the football coach (David Morse) acts all macho but secretly harbors intimate feelings for his quarterback, played by Ryan Gosling (well-acted & highly recommended, btw).

    Wanna bet Pat Lynch has his own sexuality issues going on?

  • Will

    @Otis Criblecoblis: My reaction to your post *skimskimskimskimOOOH RYAN GOSLING!*…*goes back for in-depth reading*

  • Hal Shipman

    @Will – Fuck that – I did that when I saw “David Morse” Must. See. This. Film.

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    @ Will & @ Hal – yes, the film is definitely worth seeing …a bit dark, but very well done. Ryan Gosling is soooo sexy & really shows his young acting chops, and David Morse is tremendous as well. Oh, and the music soundtrack is quite memorable too.

  • MTgirl

    [email protected]Ian:
    I went to BHS and he’s always been a guidence counselor….and a shitty one at that

  • Sebizzar

    Wow. I hope everyone from that school humiliates & taunts him so much that he becomes the victim of bullying, since he obviously doesn’t know what it feels like. And when he cries about it I hope somebody tells him he’s not a “real man” & shoves his paper in his face.

  • hf2hvit

    He’s probably in Jerry Sandusky’s club

  • Henry

    I thought I smelled baked fish, but it was just Wendy.

  • Vigilius Rex

    Who wants to bet that Pat Lynch was raped as a little boy by a heterosexual man? Perhaps he was raped with a “metal tool” that will always remain unspecified.

  • Dave

    It’s Wyoming. Seriously, people always target Texas as the right-wing capital of all that’s evil–but Wyoming makes all of Texas look like the Castro by comparison.

  • Dave

    @Hal Shipman: Amen and Hell Yeah!

  • Greg (other Greg)

    “My butt is easliy [sic] hurt.”

    Gee, I wonder why his mind went there!

  • Tree

    Did I miss where this is supposed to be satirical? I took this article quite seriously, and re posted it on Facebook. Now I’m being made fun of because apparently this is to be taken lightly. ? I don’t agree.

  • DNK

    This is that same form one of the officers on my ship printed out. They got removed a week later, probably after a talking to.

  • the crustybastard

    Jesus Christ, that slip of paper contains more contempt for women than a typical “Jason” post.

  • EK

    Believe it or not, the guy who took over as coach is my gf’s brother. Ironic? Just a bit.

  • perdeep

    Oh my god, and he’s still the guidance counsellor? Can you imagine an insecure, unpopular, teenaged girl going to him for life advice? He would probably tell her to stay the fuck in the kitchen until a real man came along and pumped her full of babies. LOOK AT THAT FUCKING HANDOUT. There are plenty of guidance counsellors in mysoginistic fundamentalist societies who are more respectful than this asshole.

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