“X Factor” Winner Goes Off On Homophobic Twitter Rant


Somebody might want to take away Steve Brookstein’s phone. The winner of a long-past season of X Factor has been a little careless with his words lately, and it’s hard to imagine he’ll say anything that can make it better.

Cast your mind back to 2004, a more innocent time when anything seemed possible. Steve was a winner of an early season of the X Factor talent show, and had a moment of fame before everyone forgot about him. Apparently, in the intervening decade, he’s been honing his skill as an internet troll, and he had one of his greatest hits last week.

Responding to a twitter conversation, Steve wrote, “oh look a bitchy homosexual. You don’t get many of those on Twitter.”

“Have a day off mate” the person responded — good advice!

“I have a theory about a bitchy queen gene that a few gay men have. I think you may have it,” Steve wrote back. Okay, Steve, whatever drama you’re grappling with in your life is clearly causing you some problems, so maybe go deal with that and then come back to Twitter once it’s resolved.

The last time Steve was in the news it was because of a similar Twitter meltdown: after someone criticized him, he called the person a pervert and accused them of liking small boys. “I don’t recommend people commit suicide – I just wouldn’t talk them out of it,” he wrote.

It’s hard to feel pity for a fallen star who behaves so poorly, and hard to feel much enthusiasm for Twitter as a platform where that kind of speech is par for the course.