Yemen Bomb Was Headed For Gay Chicago Synagogue

One of the bombs sent from Yemen aboard passenger and cargo planes was destined for Chicago’s Or Chadash, a gay synagogue that’s an affiliate (and shares space with) the larger Emanuel Congregation. (Despite the increased threat, Or Chadash’ shabbat services went ahead as planned.) Other intelligence says the bombs were meant to detonate the planes they were loaded on to.

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  • Ian

    A gay synagogue huh? How politically convenient (as in a plant) for Obama and the dems to scare up votes with the gay community that is most definitely NOT enamored with them for continued false promises time and again at this point in time. I see that Obama is taking directly from Dubya’s playbook (are we at orange alert or red?)

  • tavdy79

    You can’t honestly think that Obama would actually ask a bunch of terrorists to bomb America do you? I mean, ok he’s been a total turncoat on LGBT issues – but that doesn’t mean he’d go so far as treason!

  • Mac McNeill

    Well Ian, you have to realize that Dubya’s Alert Colors changed everytime he changed underwear. Well, I think the bad guys didn’t know there was a gay synagogue there, but we do know they hate the Jewish people as well as gays. So maybe they were looking at getting two birds with one stone. We never know why they do what they do.

    Was Obama using this as a way to call attention from the election? Was he using this to get votes? I don’t know, but I do know where I live there isn’t much choice. Either vote for a Democrat or vote for a confirmed hater.

  • gurrlz

    @Mac McNeill:

    I prefer a confirmed hater over someone who acts like a friend and truly isn’t. At least I know where I stand with my “enemies”.

  • Angelo ventura

    Obama did what he could, you fool! See what the party will do to our rights

  • Ian

    @tavdy79: No, I don’t think he’d ask a bunch of terrorists, members of the CIA in a false-flag op to target & get some voters scared to get out the vote for Dems next Tuesday? These days I believe that BOTH of our beholden to corporations parties are equally capable of something so vile.

  • Angelo Ventura

    Idiots, di you want Tea Party to win just to listen to metropollitan legends?

  • CityTime

    I think accusing Obama of conspiracy in this is being a little paranoid.

  • ewe

    @Ian: i don’t believe a word of it either.

  • ewe

    @CityTime: Obama? It’s the media networks charging for advertising space. Come all ye (to the television). Feast your eyes on t ERROR.

  • ewe

    evildoers spinning on a pointy orange axis of evil. spinning and turning on a red terror wheel of yellow deciders not being agreeableUBLE.

  • reason

    Some people on here are obviously using club drugs and have gone mad with paranoia. The threats were not only to the U.S. but credible threats in Europe also. Osama would love the GOP to come back to power, helps him recruit. I thank Saudi Arabia and the UAE for foiling this plot, and preventing another attack on America. Osama wants to control us with fear and so far he has been pretty successful.

  • i_dunno_but

    @gurrlz: Reminds me of: “Keep your friends close.. and your enemies closer!”

  • Ian

    @reason: Osama wants to control us with fear? Or is it our own government? There have been documents linking that Osama may have used to work in some capacity for the CIA, and let’s not forget that the Bush cabal let his family leave the country scot-free AFTER 9-11. Take the veil from your eyes and you’ll see just what those in power are willing to do to STAY in power.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @tavdy79: I wouldn’t put it past him.

    But this is no false flag. This is war. And we need to be on the offensive against our enemies.

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