You’d Be Really Bummed If Ian McKellen and Samantha Fox Were Begging For Your Spare Change

What if, when he was young, Ian McKellen had been turned out onto the street by his family and become another homeless gay teen statistic? Where would you Lord of The Rings and X-Men fans be without him? For all you know they might have cast Dick Van Dyke or Andy Griffith as Magneto and Gandalf. Consider that.

Furthermore, think of how sad and diminished 80s dance pop would have been if Samantha Fox hadn’t been around to jubilantly slut it up in acid-washed jeans and sing enduring anthems like “Touch Me” and “Naughty Girls Need Love Too.”

That’s the point of the new series of ads from the U.K.’s Albert Kennedy Trust, a gay youth housing charity that helps young people get off the streets and into jobs and homes. They rounded up some famous Brit gays (including people like comic Sue Perkins and TV presenter Andrew Hayden-Smith, mostly unknown in the U.S.) and cast them as homeless in a series of public service announcements. As seen above, without any kind of support McKellen could have ended up huddled in a sleeping bag on the pavement being fake-peed on by terrible kids spraying 40-ounce bottles of beer and lovely Sam might have resorted to giving blowjobs for cash.

If you avoided the same fate, go give some money to your local gay youth advocacy group right now. It’s the least you can do.