Zac Efron Open To Doing Full-Frontal Nudity: “They Could Probably Get Me To Do Anything”

Zac-Efron-Shirtless-2014-MTV-Movie-AwardsNoting his recent interest in dildos and the growing popularity of his impeccable body, Hollywood dreamboat Zac Efron announced in an interview with E! this week that he’s not opposed to doing full-frontal nudity.

The muscled twink, who was most recently dubbed “The Sexiest Motherf*cker Alive” after receiving a mimed blowjob from Dave Franco, says a full-blown package shot is not far off. He also admits he came dangerously close to flashing peen during that now-infamous, full-body (and ass) shot in That Awkward Moment.

At the well-received premiere for his latest movie Neighbors in LA last night, Efron said the film’s excessive dildo and dick jokes warmed him up to the idea of baring all. “Dildos are pretty funny,” he said, referring to the scene where he shoves a rubber dildo down Seth Rogen’s throat.

“I was worried about how many dick jokes there were,” he continued. “I was like, ‘Guys, we’re going overboard.’ There were…a lot of them in the movie. Turns out you can get a movie through with a lot of dick jokes.”

You know what else would make a great movie, Zac? Your penis. A 90-minute static shot of your penis.

When confronted with the idea, Efron said “Full frontal? I don’t know, man. This movie makes me concerned because they could probably get me to do anything if they ask. Who knows? I’m not going to say yes or no yet.”

Here’s hoping it happens in a gay sex scene!

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  • rnch

    Why not?

    When your acting “talent” consists of only looking passibly attractive shirtless; you might as well maximize your “talent” by minimizing your clothing.

  • JusMe_DoinMe

    yeah lets see u totally naked Zac shoving your dick down Seth Rogen throat

  • Billy Budd

    Ewan McGregor is one of the kings of full frontal in movies. Zac should learn from him.

  • Desert Boy

    Zac is beautiful. Full frontal? Works for me.

  • Qjersey

    I’m sure there are lots of things Zac would do for enough coke.

  • renly

    If I were Zac I’d hold off. As soon as we get full-frontal there’s not going to be many more reasons to see any of his other films.

  • OrchidIslander

    I’m glad he’s open to doing full front nudity, because I’m so open to gawking.

  • GymJockTX

    Full Frontal? Zac-Sexiest Motherfu*ker Alive-Efron? It’s that time again to sing another refrain, guys:

    I love him.
    I love him.
    I love him.
    I love him and
    I’ll swallow.
    I’ll swallow.
    I’ll swallow.
    I will swallow him.

  • Verlaine

    He was a sight to behold in “The Paperboy”, running around in his tighty whiteys. Yum, yum, eat him up.

  • NJjoe

    Don’t shave your chest Zac. You look good with hair and not that twink look of shaving. Zac is a good looking guy and hot. And stay out of Skid Row. I don’t buy your story as to why you were there. Stay clean!

  • Mezaien

    @GymJockTX: You differently convinced me. He is very hot sexy HOMO good for him.

  • GymJockTX

    @Verlaine: You’re quite right about Zac’s well packed wet tighty whiteys in “The Paperboy.” I actually think he’s a decent actor, in that, and other roles–but jeebus, who cares when this hot piece of young jock-stud man is packing wet briefs like that?

  • sfsilver

    This is certainly the most important news story of the century. Have investors been lined up for the “Untitled Zac Efron Full Frontal Project”? I think they could sell tickets just based on that.

    Seriously though, I don’t usually get my head turned by these teen idol types, but there is something about Zac that it is undeniable.

  • Joe Payer

    well do it already

  • Mike Moser

    I don’t get it! But we all have our crushes.

  • Sam Houshoulder

    anything you say. could you help me test my bed springs?

  • Irish Ryan

    He is so hot.Go for it!

  • AnTonio L Larcusi

    nothing wrong with that one bit…????

  • Craig Shapiro

    I’m up for that. . .

  • Kevin Cato

    If I looked like him naked, I’d stay that way.

  • Jonathan Cortez

    Get him to do a porn video using huge dildos.

  • Ross D Frankel

    If he makes a high-road, seriously romantic movie–same-sex–sure, I wouldn’t mind a frontal view. But the movie writing, plot, and directing have to be excellent.

  • Morten Jensen

    aan update!? … nope, just give him anything, a job, a role, whatever, and let him go nude, frontal – no censorship, or false latexattachements or whatever they use to to “magic” with!

  • Michael Spike Vincent

    well of course. It’s his body not his acting that is getting him paychecks

  • Robb Forehand

    OK so this is the third shirtless white dude post in two days. I’m counting, Queerty! Say it with me, everyone. THREE!

  • Jere Williams

    This will never ever happen, unless the work starts drying up and Efron needs attention. He’s just one more male movie star who says he’s perfectly willing to go full frontal, but, mysteriously never has. It’s publicity.

  • Ray Ivey

    Wonder what I could get him to do

  • Ktony

    Not in an Movie made in USA – Maybe in Canada or Europe ;-)

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