Zac Efron Open To Doing Full-Frontal Nudity: “They Could Probably Get Me To Do Anything”

Zac-Efron-Shirtless-2014-MTV-Movie-AwardsNoting his recent interest in dildos and the growing popularity of his impeccable body, Hollywood dreamboat Zac Efron announced in an interview with E! this week that he’s not opposed to doing full-frontal nudity.

The muscled twink, who was most recently dubbed “The Sexiest Motherf*cker Alive” after receiving a mimed blowjob from Dave Franco, says a full-blown package shot is not far off. He also admits he came dangerously close to flashing peen during that now-infamous, full-body (and ass) shot in That Awkward Moment.

At the well-received premiere for his latest movie Neighbors in LA last night, Efron said the film’s excessive dildo and dick jokes warmed him up to the idea of baring all. “Dildos are pretty funny,” he said, referring to the scene where he shoves a rubber dildo down Seth Rogen’s throat.

“I was worried about how many dick jokes there were,” he continued. “I was like, ‘Guys, we’re going overboard.’ There were…a lot of them in the movie. Turns out you can get a movie through with a lot of dick jokes.”

You know what else would make a great movie, Zac? Your penis. A 90-minute static shot of your penis.

When confronted with the idea, Efron said “Full frontal? I don’t know, man. This movie makes me concerned because they could probably get me to do anything if they ask. Who knows? I’m not going to say yes or no yet.”

Here’s hoping it happens in a gay sex scene!