Zachary Quinto Pranks Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Plays The Banjo Perfectly

Broadway actress and [title of show] prodigy Susan Blackwell had such a great time during her first sleepover with Zachary Quinto, she decided to invite him back for an even sassier late-night gigglefest in the latest episode of’s exclusive web series Side-by-Side.

Quinto appears at the fireside pizza party to plug his current run in the Tennessee Williams play The Glass Menagerie, which is currently playing to rave reviews on Broadway, but spices things up by suggesting a prank call to a mutual friend. Blackwell goes on to dial Jesse Tyler Ferguson to confirm his order for an exotic dancer, while Quinto calls Broadway pal Christian Borle to confirm a large order of Japanese Hentai porn. Ohthese jokesters.

The most exciting part of the video is saved for the very end, where we learn that Zachary Quinto knows how to play the banjo! He’s pretty good, though we think it would have been much better performed in the nearly-naked style of Justin Bieber.