New details emerge in death of man who died injecting liquid silicone into his genitals

Dylan Hafertepen and Jack Chapman
Dylan Hafertepen and Jack Chapman

After 28-year-old kinkster Jack Chapman died from an embolism caused by injecting liquid silicone into his genitals, his partner Dylan Hafertepen publicly said that the injections were Chapman’s fetish, a fetish that Hafertepen forbade him from indulging in.

But new chat logs uncovered by The Stranger strongly suggest that Hafertepen was more directly involved in Chapman’s injections than he has claimed.

You may recall that Chapman was a member of Hafertepen’s polyamorous family of submissive man-pups, many of whom had a “Property of Master Dylan” tattoo and enlarged genitals caused by silicone injections, a potentially lethal practice that’s prohibited by the US Food and Drug Administration.

When Chapman first died in October 2018, his submissive “slave contract” with Hafertepen emerged online. The contract (which Hafertepen has dismissed as a piece of “erotic fiction”) said that Hafertepen had full control of Chapman’s body. Elsewhere on Tumblr, Jack said that Dylan would decide how much silicone he should inject into his genitals.

When asked about Chapman’s use of silicone on Australian national television, Hafertepen said, “I have never done that for him. I forbid him from doing silicone.”

But Facebook chat logs obtained by The Stranger from an anonymous silicone enthusiast show Hafertepen complimenting Chapman’s silicone use and admitting. Furthermore, Hafertepen said he owns supplies for injecting silicone, that he injects himself and others with it and that he encourages others to get such injections despite their deadliness.

Speaking of Chapman’s silicone-engorged genitals, Hafertepen told the enthusiast, “I think it looks pretty good; of course he wants to go much bigger.” And of his own genitals, Hafertepen wrote, “Completely soft here, [my penis is] about the size of a soda can. Balls are like large lemons.”

Hafertepen admitted that a silicone injector named Dr. E in Mexico injected his own genitals with silicone, and that Hafertepen had injected himself and others with his own personal silicone reserves from a now defunct European supplier known as LeBulge.

Later on in the chats, Hafertepen mentions that he regularly takes his “pups” for “upgrades” (meaning additional injections).

These admissions matter because Hafertepen may be subject to civil wrongful death charges if he is found to have played a role in Chapman’s death. Chapman’s mother Linda, a resident of Australia, is currently looking into litigating her son’s death.

Hafertepen didn’t respond to The Stranger‘s request for comment.