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The strange, sad tale of a man who died from having silicone injected into his genitals

Dylan Hafertepen and Jack Chapman
Dylan Hafertepen and Jack Chapman (via Facebook)

Yesterday, The Seattle Stranger ran an in-depth investigative piece about 28-year-old Jack Chapman, a man who died from bleeding in his lungs after having liquid silicone injected into his genitals. The story is sad and strange.

According to The Stranger, Chapman was in a polyamorous family of five muscle bears “pups” who were submissive to “Master” Dylan Hafertepen, a blogger also known as “Noodles and Beef.”

The pups all wear padlocked chain collars and many have a tattoo “brand,” either proclaiming themselves as “Property of Master Dylan” or bearing Hafertepen’s astrological symbol for Taurus.

Hafertepen, Chapman and at least one other pup had liquid silicone injected into their genitals to make them bigger, part of a body modification fetish. Liquid silicone injections are banned in the U.S. because they can be deadly.

In December 2012, Chapman posted a contract of his alleged relationship agreements with Hafertepen. The contract forbade Chapman from using deodorant, masturbating, watching TV or hanging out with friends without the Master’s permission. It also said that Chapman had to give his paychecks to Hafertepen and literally grovel at his feet, crying and kissing them whenever they met.

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Some Dom/sub relationships sign contracts like these to theatrically express their role-play, not taking them literally. But Chapman’s friends say he seemed truly submissive, once calling himself “a piece of sh*t” on Tumblr for hanging out with friends without Hafertepen’s permission.

Chapman reportedly tried to leave Hafertepen in March 2017, moving in with a friend and cutting off his padlocked chain collar. But Chapman got back with him around the following July after Hafertepen filed a small claims lawsuit against him for unpaid rent.

Chapman’s friends and his own mother in Australia say they didn’t know that Chapman was sick or in the hospital before he died. Chapman died on Oct. 15, and one of his fellow pups said it was due to “a previously undiagnosed lung ailment.” However, Chapman’s death certificate shows that isn’t true.

Chapman’s mother has told Australian news that she’s looking into legal charges against Hafertepen, but no charges have been filed and the Seattle Police aren’t investigating him either.