5th Suspect In Straight Teen Anthony Callao’s Gay Bashing Murder Bragged About It On Facebook: Cops

Congratulations to Calvin Pietri, whose Facebook postings — where he bragged about the fatal attack he and some friends allegedly levied against Queens teen Anthony Callao (pictured) — are sure to come back to castrate him in court. He’s the fifth suspect charged win manslaughter in connection with the gay slur-laced bashing that killed Callao, a straight 18-year-old, who was attacked when he tried leaving a party Pietri and his friends crashed. After the assault, Pietri was reportedly on Facebook bragging about what he did, once again using anti-gay slurs to describe his victim.

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  • Oprah

    He looks gay to me. Why is it that some gay people have to fight and scratch their way to ‘coming out’? Seriously? Does it have to take many years of teen rebellious homophobia, then denial hetero marriage to a clueless woman, and in the end– a mid life crises realization that–gee – i am GAY. Pathetic.

  • Soupy

    Stop it Willow! You are sinning.

  • ~PR~

    @Oprah: The picture is of the victim, not the alleged attacker, in case you were just jumping to conclusions.

  • The sane Francis

    OK, now I’m 100% sure this was a hate crime. At first, I was thinking this was more along the lines of a gang related crime, where this kid was specifically targeted. But now obviously we see these are animals, who simply crashed this party and attacked and killed Anthony because he’s gay. The worst thing about this is that these stupid bitches are still alive while Anthony is dead. Also, we all know they are going to plead forgiveness and the family will say they didn’t know how animalistic their child is. Same shit, different day. These ghetto punk boys think it’s all well and good to smear queers, but they have another thing coming.

  • dra

    I don’t understand this still, why are these guys only being charged with Manslaughter? Where are the Murder 2 charges?

  • Harbo

    While reading this story the preoblem of equality for gays crossed my mind and I remembered what Coco Chanel said -“Sometimes equality is a step down.”

  • Jeffree

    It takes a special kind of stooopid to post details of your latest crime spree on Facebook or other sites like that.

    Really, there ARE some things you should keep on the downlow: midemeanors, felonies, tax evasion and dates with Charlie Sheen or Jon Cryor.

  • tjr101

    Ugh, young bigots are so arrogant and boastful about their evil ways. What’s up with the manslaugter charge anyway? Looks like first degree murder to me. I hope they rot in hell!

  • TS not Trans

    If this was a straight victim, then we can’t honestly call it gay-bashing. But we don’t have a name for what it really is. It is bad enough to be bashed for what you are, but being bashed for what you are not is much worse. I don’t condone hate attacks in the least, but if you are going to hate, then make sure the people you attack are indeed members of the hated group and representative of the worst ones. I’ve had enough bashing as a TS over what LGBs and TGs do and what I don’t.

    And assuming the victim is not gay, then why is he wearing earrings, an item traditionally worn in the US by mostly women? Men who wear earrings dilute what the earrings represent for women and particularly transsexual women. That said, seeing earrings in a guy’s ears is no reason to attack him nor assume he is gay.

    And what does gay have to do with looks? There are plenty of nerdy straight teens who are wrongly assumed to be gay. Oftentimes, these teens are really asexual and have no sexual interests at all. You cannot repress what is not there.

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