Business As Usual? How 8 Anti-Gay Companies Are Measuring Up


We told you about Exxon/Mobil’s recent, serial vote against the gays, when for the fourteenth year straight, shareholders refused to adopt formal protections for LGBT employees. They say they don’t discriminate and never would, unless you count not offering benefits to same sex spouses. Gotcha.

With that in mind we thought it might be a good time to check in with the rest of corporate America to see how they’re doing and the answer is: pretty good! According to the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index 2013, 99% of major businesses prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, 89% offer domestic partner benefits, and a healthy 80% demonstrate a public commitment to the LGBT community. Nice stats!

Click through to find out which anti-gay companies are cleaning up their acts and which ones are just rolling around in their own corporate filth….