8 Gay ChatRoulette Knock-Offs: Glory Holes of the Internet


WHO’S ON THERE?: A mix of arty fags, hung jocks, and masturbating exhibitionists (half of them willing to show you their face, especially if you show them your dick). Even Queerty-crush Davey Wavey uses it though it scares him so.

SECONDS UNTIL FIRST COCK: Surprisingly, several minutes.

HOW MANY SECONDS IT TOOK FOR SOMEONE TO ‘NEXT’ ME: Long enough for me to feel personally rejected on the basis of physical attraction.

HOW MANY SECONDS IT TOOK ME TO ‘NEXT’ SOMEONE ELSE: About five seconds. C’mon, it’s chat roulette, not speed dating.

IS THE DESIGN SEXY?: The simple design makes it quick and easy to use. There’s no logins, passwords, or anything… just click and go. Plus, several times I ran into men that I actually wanted to meet after they finished masturbating for me. I even got a few e-mail addresses (be seeing you on AIM later, meatrocket8)

LESSON LEARNED: I’m pretty sure my parents met under similar analog circumstances at a bar. A quick, blurry interaction can be all that stands between you and the man who’ll fuck you for a beer.