8 Gay ChatRoulette Knock-Offs: Glory Holes of the Internet


WHO’S ON THERE?: Nobody, apparently.

SECONDS UNTIL FIRST COCK: Seeing a cock would have required someone else to be logged-in.

HOW MANY SECONDS IT TOOK FOR SOMEONE TO ‘NEXT’ ME: I nexted myself a few times—it was fabulous.

HOW MANY SECONDS IT TOOK ME TO ‘NEXT’ SOMEONE ELSE: You can’t next someone who isn’t there.

IS THE DESIGN SEXY?: You can specify your gender and the gender of your chat partner which would be great if anyone actually used the site. The logo places a crown on the word “Gay” suggesting that it’s a site for chat princesses or at least minor web royalty. But if so, the court’s pretty dead… like Hamlet Prince of Denmark dead.

LESSON LEARNED: isn’t so much a chat roulette site as an existential experience. Staring at the black screen of my non-existent chat partner, I began to wonder if the person I really should be chatting with was myself.