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Was Aaron Schock outed? Or did he out himself when he groped a dude in public? The debate rages on.

Gay rumors have been swirling around former GOP congressman Aaron Schock since he was first photographed in that now infamous turquoise belt.

Since then, Instagram posts like this…

And this…

And this…

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10 year challenge with the Legend.

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And this…

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It is Him.

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…have only served to further fuel the speculation.

Then there’s the fact that, after resigning from office, he relocated to West Hollywood, where he’s become a regular fixture at his neighborhood spin studio.

And the fact that the vast majority of the 430 people Schock follows on Instagram are half-naked white instagays.

Seriously, it couldn’t be more obvious. And yet Schock has gone to great lengths to avoid talking about his sexuality, going so far as to purportedly use a woman named Karla Gonzalez as a beard, bringing her to political functions and introducing her as his girlfriend.

Then last week, the rumors were officially confirmed when Queerty obtained a photo allegedly showing Schock at Coachella engaged in a full lip lock with another dude, his hand searching for something down the front of the guy’s pants.

Then we obtained a video of it.

While it is the position of Queerty not to out public figures, we make one serious exception when someone has actively hurt LGBTQ people or causes and then refused to own up to it.

If the photos are accurate, Schock is out enjoying freedoms won through the sweat and blood of a community he directly harmed at every step of his political career.

But not everyone seems to agree. There are some who feel that, despite his horrific record when it comes to advocating for and advancing antigay policies, it’s never OK to out a person.

Meanwhile, others argue that Schock outed himself when he reached down another guy’s pants in front of thousands of people at a music festival.

Here’s the debate…

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