Noted Journalist Itay Hod Pretty Much Just Outed Homophobic GOP Rep. Aaron Schock

Aaron Schock

Update: After our story was posted Friday night and as outing rumors continue to surround Aaron Schock, the Republican Congressman has locked down his Instagram account.

Update 2: Our report originally identified Hod as a CBS anchor, but according to a CBS spokesperson, Hod is “not a CBS News employee.” In an email to Gawker, Hod confirms that he left CBS two years ago but never pitched a story outing Schock to CBS or any other network.

We previously reported:

In a long Facebook post, gay anchor Itay Hod has essentially outed Republican Congressman Aaron Schock on the grounds of hypocrisy. While Hod frames the post as a hypothetical exploration of when outing is appropriate, he provides lots of details and concludes with an ostentatiously “unrelated” link to the 7 gayest Instagram Photos of Aaron Schock from 2013.

Hod is clearly fed up with Schock and perhaps just as much with his colleagues in the media who knowingly play along with closet cases.

what if you know a certain GOP congressman, let’s just say from Illinois, is gay… and you know this because one of your friends, a journalist for a reputable network, told you in no uncertain terms that he caught that GOP congressman and his male roommate in the shower… together. now they could have been good friends just trying to conserve water. but there’s more. what if this congressman has also been caught by tmz cameras trolling gay bars. now what if you know that this very same guy, the darling of the gop, has also voted against repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, opposed the repeal of doma, is against gay marriage; and for the federal marriage amendment, which would add language to the us constitution banning gay marriage and would likely strike down every gay rights law and ordinance in the country?

Are we still not allowed to out him?

let me ask another question… doesn’t the media have an OBLIGATION to expose his hypocrisy? if he had done something so hypocritical and he wasn’t gay, wouldn’t we demand journalists do their job? but they can’t… because we won’t let them. you’re not allowed to out ANYONE, we tell them.

aaron-schock-picnic-belt-photoSchock has long been the subject of rumors about his sexual orientation. He has always claimed he is straight (although his wardrobe is not). Schock didn’t boost his heterosexual cred any by posing for a series of shirtless images showing off his abs for Men’s Health.

Just to show he straight he is, Schock has accumulated an antigay record that ranks with the best of the homophobes. He has opposed marriage equality, protections for same-sex bi-national couples, and repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, just to name a few, earning him a stellar 0% rating from the Human Rights Campaign.

At the same time that he’s voting to deny the LGBT community its rights, Schock has, as AmericaBlog points out, created one of the gayest Instagram accounts ever. Although he follows only 71 people on Instagram, one of them is 19-year-old Olympic diver Tom Daley, presumably so that Schock can solicit his views on Midwest agricultural policy. Openly gay conservative Josh Barro tweeted that fact without comment. None is needed.

1234262_160332677500338_356965694_nIt will be interesting to see what impact the post will have on Hod (pictured right), who came to prominence as the CBS reporter on Logo. Networks aren’t keen on their employees going off script. And Hod seems disenchanted with the media itself. In response to comments about his post, Hod also says that he has “issues with BuzzFeed calling robin roberts a goddess…. for coming out at age 53. and saying she shielded her relationship from the press… a nice euphemism for being closeted. again, forgive me if i’m not going all kumbaya over her announcement.” (Actually, that’s a sentiment we can understand.)

Of course, it will be even more interesting to see what happens to Schock. Sometimes an open secret just stops being secret. If that’s the case, Schock may have a lot of explaining to do, and also a lot of apologizing.

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  • jckfmsincty

    He looks like he could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

  • avesraggiana

    Let’s play, “Name the Gay”! Aaron Schock or Aaron Rodgers?

  • Manchester

    Shitbags like this need to be outed.

  • Alton

    I’ve always believed that the one case where outing is not only acceptable but vital, is anti-gay politicians and other people in positions of real power. For them, I have no empathy, no compassion, no patience, and no mercy. The policies they make and the rhetoric they spew kill children. Bad enough for some bigoted straight asshole to drive people to suicide in the name of Jeebus and ‘Murica, but for some cowardly, self-loathing fuckwad to do that to his own people? He should be dragged naked through the streets of Boystown and pelted with rotten eggs and month-old semen. No mercy. Fuck him.

    And yes, the media ABSOLUTELY has an obligation to expose such hypocrisy in elected officials…an obligation they fail to fulfill with depressing frequency.

  • Tackle

    No I disagree with the writer about Robin Roberts, and, (that’s a sentiment we can understand.)I the case of Robin Roberts who did (in my opinion) nothing to harm the LGBTQ community, coming out privately, or professionally is ones personal journey, choice and decision. However, when some closet basket case is doing harm to the LGBTQ people, and there is evidence about their sexual orentation, Have no mercy on them…

  • zoompietro

    @Alton: I completely agree. People like Schock need to be exposed for the hypocrites that they are. He’s supporting harmful policies because of his own self hatred and it’s dangerous to have anyone that makes policies based on hatred of any kind in positions of power like that.

  • zoompietro

    @Tackle: I don’t think anyone was advocating for Robin Roberts to be outed, but pointing out that there’s nothing particularly praiseworhty or swoonworthy about her coming out. When sites like BuzzFeed refer to her as a goddess just for coming out, it’s hard not to laugh and roll your eyes.

  • tardis

    It sounds like this is gonna be a big year for gay politics. Chris Kluwe is rattling the cages at the NFL and this guy…

    Also, I have to say, even though people are outed or are coming out, because we’ve seen it so much…I think the shock of that is rapidly dissipating. Who cares if this guy is gay? The story here, to me at least, is the hypocrisy factor.

  • ray68

    When you are 53 years old and have spent at least the last 20 of those years in the public eye, if you choose to hide your sexuality, you are saying that you believe on some level, there is something wrong with it. I like Robin Roberts, I sympathize with her journey, but I think it was cowardly to hide a significant part of her identity for such a long time. And as much as I like Anderson Cooper, I feel the same about him.

  • SteveDenver

    @Manchester: AGREED WHOLEHEARTEDLY that “Shitbags like this need to be outed.” I’m reminded of the brave documentary OUTRAGE that names numerous anti-gay politicians who are rumored or known to be homosexual. Filmmaker Kirby Dick reserved a lot of money for litigation and rounded up a legal team to review every frame. The result: no lawsuits.

    In a revised version, Aaron Schock would probably be featured.

  • litper

    He follows Tom Daley? That’s enough to out him! I wonder what Tom thinks of such followers who want to deny him every right?

  • Scribe38

    If what he wrote is true, by all means go after the f*cker. Curious why TMZ didn’t go after him if they caught him on camera? If you’re gay and vote against your own people and do us harm why should we protect you?

  • gay4liberty

    All of the Aarons are being outed this week, haha.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Everyone needs to request that GLAAD make an official statement informing the U.S. media that they can freely out any politician or religious leader whose actions harm the LGBTA community.

  • Daniel-Reader

    He bears an interesting resemblence to David Burtka.


    I think TMZ et al are waiting for the green light from gay community.

    Guys…GO! GO! GO!

  • BamaGuy1024

    There is nothing more repugnant to me than a closeted GOP politician who actively works against his own self-interests and those of millions of GLBT persons in the USA. Aaron Schock should be outed immediately. He should be shamed in public. What I do not understand is what kind of gay man would set aside the great harm this man has done to us and be friends or lovers with him? Aaron is the worst kind of WHORE, he sells his soul for his paycheck and works to hurt millions of GLBT people to pay his bills. What a disgusting person.

  • 2eo

    Great work, these people absolutely deserve to be outed. Anone who actively or passively enables suffering of our community should be professionally ruined.

  • BamaGuy1024

    @jimbryant: You are a disgusting apologist, a supporter of homophobia.

  • AuntieChrist

    Where’s BJ in all this..? You know that bitch is just dying for some Schock and awe…I wouldn’t do him, I might consider it but I don’t like men with too many muscles.

  • Charles175

    Tyler Perry is just as bad.

  • avesraggiana

    @JayHobeSound: Whaaaat??? DId someone photoshop in that rainbow flag behind him?

  • chrisald

    My only issue with this whole thing is what if he isn’t gay? If that’s the case then we are making fun of a straight guy who dresses a certain way. We need to be careful about how we are approaching this stuff. The clothes he chooses to wear make a superficial and petty argument of why he might be gay. Per the article, if he was, in fact, in the shower with another man and that wasn’t, for example, at a gym or something then we have more to go on. He’s a DB either way with his voting record so why don’t we focus on that moreso than on his clothing?

  • Durannie

    @jimbryant: Apparently the Kochs pay trolls by the piece, because your arguments are cut-and-paste self-hating propaganda.

    Pro tip: stick to twitter.

  • greybat

    Because the pink-white and turquiose ensemble is simply hilarious!
    On anybody.

  • marc sfe

    @litper: Tom Daley is a British subject/resident. What Shock does in IL, or doesn’t do, has no bearing on his personal life in the UK.

  • Sweet Boy

    I bet he’s also a power bottom…

  • AuntieChrist

    @greybat: The only thing missing is the Bow Tie…The only other time I have seen an ensemble like that is on the comic stereotyped obligatory gay on a sit-com…LOL…I don’t think a metrosexual would be caught dead in that outfit.

  • andy_d

    @Alton: I agree completely.

  • BJ McFrisky

    I don’t condone people remaining in the closet, but I certainly understand it. Kind of like wife-beating. It’s morally wrong, but when you’re pushed to your limits . . .
    @AuntieChrist: I would’ve tapped that once, for sure, more for his face than for his body. But, I do admit that his anti-gay politics make him less attractive.

  • loafersguy

    I’ve always wondered if his shoes matched the belt in that photo.

  • Charles175

    @chrisald: I’m going by the statement in the article. His taste in gay attire adds to this.

  • AuntieChrist

    @2eo: As a gay and a Jew he who must not be named has gone too far…I encourage everyone to copy and paste the comment comparing us to a nazi war criminal and send it post haste to Queerty…Please..!…That level of abuse should not be tolerated..EVER

  • 2eo

    @AuntieChrist: I’ve had 5 posts deleted this morning, not a single one libellious in any conceivable manner yet BJ and Jim post not only slander, but actual evil posts about our community and are not even moderated or in moderation.

    This says a lot about the sites editors.

  • 2eo

    Actually this does beg a question. Are JimBryant and BJ forum provocateurs and actually the editors themselves?

    It would be consistent with the censorship of people who call them out.

  • BHund

    As someone who was outed, to my parents by a college roommate who wanted to exact revenge on me for being a “filthy homosexual”, I can tell you that no one wins in the way this has been handled. The LGBT community isn’t going to gain an ally. Aaron Schock isn’t going to going to see the light of day and come out to his great relief. And this isn’t going to further Itay hod’s career. And this way this was handled is more akin to the type of stunt that Maggie Gallagher and her National Organization for Marriage would pull. Furthermore, where is the proof other than a person making the statement what he had seen?

    While it feels great calling a hypocrite on his/her actions, if one is going to make a charge against someone, where is the evidence of the act witnessed?

  • BHund

    @jimbryant: yeah, but based on what the author claims, Schock wasn’t caught in the shower with a woman, what was been claimed to have been witnessed involved a male. So even IF the congressman is straight, this would be an instance where he was acting on his homosexual curiosity, correct?

  • Chris-MI

    It is quite possible to be heterosexual (if that is what we mean by “rejecting homosexual feelings”) and still support basic human rights for all. It’s much harder though if you’re thoroughly self-loathing. I suppose if we magically made a society without a hateful pastor yelling at him weekly he’d be unable to resist guys and imagines that all the straight men would flock to the all-male health spa and that no babies would ever again be conceived naturally.

  • Cam


    Gee, what a shock Jim defends the Congressman who votes for anti-gay legislation.

  • gayiowaguy2002

    i soo love the comments here no wonder we gay people have such bad reputations. we cry tolleance and peoples rights but when someone disagrees with us we bash them and result to name calling. No one has the right to out anyone. It is wrong on all levels. But seems we gay people think we always are right and hold the moral ground. Its pathetic. He is a representative. He represents his people. If his state is against gay rights or other things its his duty to vote against them. Do we call people who support gay rights herophobic? If a guy or woman votes against what you want they are evil. We need to grow up and stop our hatred and intollerance before we point fingers at anyone. This si why i refuse to do much for the gay community. Its because we are filled with people who are full of hate and intllerance to any point of veiw they dont agree with.

  • jkb

    Hod is hot!

  • dougmc92

    I honestly don’t see that outing is all that bad…yes- kids in high school should be left alone, but it’s 2013- it’s time to open the closet doors forever! Especially for douchebags like this. Hollywood built the closet to protect stars and intimidated the media into compling- I can’t think of 1 star who was outed who didn’t ultimately say they felt better/happier after. Saying someone is gay is not bullying- if it’s the truth- it’s just honesty- that doesn’t hurt anyone!

  • Manmartre

    Fight fire with FIRE!!! If the SOB was presented himeself to the public for voting and to run for office to represent those people, then obviously he is not representing his general public and the journalist is doing his job. He is not a Dr sworn to secrecy, he is reporting and that IS HIS JOB. So allow thepublic to vote for someone that will represent them be voted into place.

  • FitChicago

    My first impression of Schock was that he was in the LGBTQQI spectrum but initially I couldn’t determine is he was the G, B or 2nd Q. I haven’t followed Schock’s media coverage closely but everything I have seen has caused me to become confident he is either the G or B in the acronym.

    That being said, a few red flags jumped out at me reading Itay Hod’s Facebook post:

    *** The claim Schock had been “caught by tmz cameras trolling gay bars”

    – Based on their overall coverage, I cannot think of any examples of footage from TMZ photogs that was taken from inside or directly outside any gay bar/club; note that I’m not referring to footage of Schock rather I’m referring to everything ever posted or broadcast by TMZ.

    – While TMZ does have photogs on staff and photogs with exclusivity agreements, a ton of TMZ’s material comes from photogs who don’t work directly for TMZ but are freelancers. In his post Hod uses the phrase “trolling gay bars” which infers footage of Schrock going to more than one bar in a night. The official TMZ photog’s role is to engage the public figure to get a comment which would almost rule them out as covertly capturing the alleged footage. Therefore it seems likely that the photog was a freelancer. If TMZ passed on the freelancer’s alleged Schrock footage, he or she would have pitched it to another gossip site, political site or LGBTQQI media outlet; someone would have purchased it and disseminated it to the public.

    *** The other red flag is the claim that “a journalist for a reputable network, told you in no uncertain terms that he caught that GOP congressman and his male roommate in the shower… together.”

    – I’ve been contemplating different scenarios that the journalist (who I, for sake of this discussion, assume is a personal friend of Schrock or his roommate) stumbles upon the two together in the shower. If Schrock had not revealed his curious sexual nature to the journalist, and the journalist was visiting the home & waiting for his friend (Schrock or his roomie) to shower, it seems unlikely that: (a) Shrock would shower with another male in that situation (b) There would be reason for the journalist to not just knock on the bathroom door if he needed something but instead to burst on into the bathroom while the shower is going and stumble upon the two.

    – The only plausible scenario is that he journalist was the bf of the roomie and thought the roomie was cheating on him so he went a touch psycho and snuck into the Schrock house/condo and burst in on the two of them while concurrently realizing his suspicions of infidenlity

  • Degas

    @gayiowaguy: Cut the crap! He has no duty to vote against gays. Yes, he represents his people, but he also has his own views. Nobody forces him to vote the way he does. You are dead wrong about not having the right to out hypocrites legislating everything from our family life to our work life. These lawmakers aren’t entertainers, athletes, musicians, or other famous people. This man has a moral duty to live a truthful life and legislate accordingly. If he can’t, he should resign and atone for his actions in the private sector.

  • FitChicago

    Otherwise I don’t disagree with highlighting hypocrisy to the greater community. I don’t see it as a hateful or wrong act, rather something that if done in every aspect of America today it would cut through the bullcrap and reveal truth; I’m not just referring to closeted people who vote for legislation that is meant to discriminates and contract human rights, I’m also referring to things like:

    – The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lies to Congress and gets a free pass but when baseball players Roger Clemens and Miguel Tejada did the same they were both prosecuted.

    – The fact that in the US we don’t value the lives of others to be as important as our own:

    When our government uses robot drones to murder terrorists more often than not innocent civilians are killed and we call that collateral damage;

    When our government kills over 1 million civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan “because of 9/11” we turn a blind eye;

    When Saudi Arabia murders gay man because under their law homosexuality is a crime punishable by death there is no outrage, no threats of boycott, no international action;

    When India courts criminalize homosexuality our State Department doesn’t even mention it when meeting with their representatives the following day and the US media only mentioned it in passing;

    When FBI statistics prove that anti-gay hate crimes have been trending higher in the last 3 years (slight drop this year but not significant) we largely turn a blind eye to the victims here but we highlight comparable anti-gay crimes in nations we aim to demonize.

    So I think Itay Hod did a service and I hope that starting off 2014 by highlighting hypocrisy becomes a trend and reaches the areas I mentioned above.

  • ZaneStuart

    I don’t see the usual homophobic rant I’d expect from JimBryant here and yet there are responses to his usual homophobic rant. Did Queerty finally realize that – by their own rules – hate speech is not allowed?

  • Cam

    @gayiowaguy2002: said…

    “i soo love the comments here no wonder we gay people have such bad reputations. we cry tolleance and peoples rights but when someone disagrees with us we bash them and result to name calling. No one has the right to out anyone. It is wrong on all levels.”

    The TYPICAL right wing bigot response.

    If somebody is trying to rape a woman does she have the right to defend herself? If a Congressman is taking bribes to vote to harm his constituents should the media report that?

    Well here we have somebody voting to harm the gay community. End of story.

    And by the way, the only people who think that somebody being called gay is so terrible would be people who think that being gay is something shameful to be hidden. You’ve made your beliefs quite obvious here.

  • the other Greg

    It seems only a matter of time until Schock gets caught in some gay tryst. He’s unlikely to find a closeted, low self-esteem Republican bf who could put up with that for long without talking.

    And wow, what a day. A post of “jimbryant” was actually deleted by the Queerty editors! It must have been really, really awful! I regret being so hungover after our annoying blizzard that I missed it.

    AND an unusually mild, muted response from BJ, too… hmm.

    At any rate… What ARE Tom Daley’s views on Midwest agricultural policy? Queerty, we must know!

  • balehead

    Saying someone is gay just because they like style or can take care of themselves is always wrong too……

  • balehead

    And it’s always about making money anyways…

  • the other Greg

    @balehead: Hey balehead, we have a date for you! His name is Aaron. No, not the football player, it’s another Aaron. He has a nice job in DC. But you have to stay closeted. Think you can do it? Sure, bring your stuffed animal, maybe he’s into your “plush” fetish.

  • Merv

    @2eo: Somebody probably flagged your posts. I’ve noticed the moderators tend to take action on flagged posts, even in cases where it doesn’t seem warranted. It might even be automatic.

  • 2eo

    @Merv: I’ve flagged over 500 posts and only about 6 have ever being deleted, right wingers post all the time with no action yet I repeatedly get censored for calling their bigotry out for what it is.

  • DShucking

    He’s not as rabidly anti-gay as say Santorum. But he does have an anti-gay voting record that affects people’s life. For that he deserves to be outed, if he really is gay. If he’s not, let it go. You’ll always have his shirtless pics.

  • CCTR

    @Tackle: I agree with you. I don’t like his comments about Robin Roberts and BuzzFeed.

    He is coming down on the media and journalists for not reporting on particular things, but he was careful enough to post his “outing” of the congressman on facebook which is by no means a journalist medium.

    He mentions video that TMZ has but why didn’t he elaborate more on the circumstances of how a journalist friend from a “reputable” network caught the congressman in the shower with his roommate. A die hard journalist never reveals his source but the shower circumstances are difficult to imagine.

    I question what Hod’s full motives are.

  • CCTR

    from Hod’s facebook posting:

    “if we keep saying that being gay is genetic; ergo, it’s no different than having blue eyes or blonde hair… than why are not allowed to mention it? why do we need anyone’s consent to talk about their sexuality? are we not allowed to say someone has blue eyes until they post a fb message telling us they are in fact blue”

    I’m not totally disagreeing with him but it is not that simple. Eye color and hair color are apparent and usually don’t carry significant stigma. Sexuality for many people is of a private nature. Being gay is not necessarily apparent and unfortunately carries lots of stigma.

  • CCTR

    @FitChicago: Clearly here he is not in a gay bar but maybe this is of the TMZ footage that has been described as “trolling gay bars”?? Notice the shops and rainbow flags behind him.

  • Cam

    @balehead: said…

    “Saying someone is gay just because they like style or can take care of themselves is always wrong too……

    No, only if you think that being gay is shameful.

    And if we are born gay, then there is nothing wrong with mentioning it. Would a newsperson speaking to a somewhat masculine woman not call her she even if her sex wasn’t readily apparent? If a reporter is interviewing Rashida Jones are they wrong to ask her a question relating to African Americans even though it may not be readily apparent that her father is?

  • jimbryant


    Maybe your posts have been removed because you attack other posters. Read the rules, sweet-heart, and stop whining all the time.

  • FitChicago

    @CCTR: Thank you for posting that; I saw that while researching the TMZ claim prior to posting.

    A few key facts about the video:
    * The TMZ footage is from 30 August 2012

    * Yes, the footage was filmed in Tampa’s gay neighborhood of Ybor City supposedly

    * In their 30 August 2012 post TMZ writes “We caught up with Rep. Schock as he left an event for youth, sponsored by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, in Tampa yesterday” ttp://www.tmz.com/2012/08/30/paul-ryan-republican-national-convention-rnc-aaron-schock-tampa/#ixzz2pSoUioXF

    * Why was Schrock in Tampa on 30 August? It was the final day of the Republican Party Convention.

    On a personal note: I lived in the gayborhood in DC for 5 years (03-08); in the other current and former cities I’ve called home I cannot think of an instance the guys under 50 would wear a suit to troll gay bars. [On the other hand if the word “bars” was substituted for “bathroom” “bathhouse” “sauna” “private gym” or “rest area”; then the usage of the word “trolling” would be appropriate if not accurate]

  • tjr101

    Aaron Rodgers is not a politician and does not affect policy in any way. That being said.

    Aaron Schock needs to be OUTED and PRONTO. I despise closeted gay republicans that do tremendous harm to the community. They need to be outed and pulled through the gutter, I don’t care about making allies. Closeted republicans are the most selfish, cold hearted individuals you will ever meet and they do more damage to the advancement to equality that many of their straight, homophobic peers.

  • Stefan

    This is so hypocritical and Itay and Queerty should be ashamed for irresponsible and shoddy reporting. This is the same gay witch hunt tactics that have victimized gays for decades–now gays are employing the same methods. And it’s ok because it’s being done by a gay dude?!? Gingham shirt = GAY?! Working out = GAY?! Where’s the evidence?! Oh there is none. He walked past a gay flag. So pathetic. Waste if time. Maybe Itay is straight?! He has pix with girls. His place does not look decorated so well. He walked by a straight bar once–I saw it!! No pix of Itay getting fucked. What a joke. Get a grip, fools.

  • litper

    Why rightwingers like Dogf!cker and Jim are still not banned? Let them have more time to watch Duck Dynasty!

  • litper

    Stefan, how many ultraright-wing conservative republican congressmen are following British gay diving twinks on Instagram?

    You log cabin rightwingers are really pathetic!

  • Stefan

    Who you follow on Twitter determines if you are gay?!?! ARRRGH

  • jimbryant

    Look, it’s important to point out hypocrisy in politicians. This includes homophobic politicians.

    But I simply loathe it when people start saying “oh, he’s wearing a pink shirt, and therefore he must be gay”. People, this low form of intelligence is not going to get you anywhere.

  • FitChicago

    @tjr101: Last weekend brought the accusation of Rogers being gay or pushed out of the closet by his alleged bf/ex-bf/assistant/roomie which was based on flimsy evidence but was very widely reported (in key places, places that get people talking, tweeting, texting) and disseminated throughout social media…

    This weekend brings the Schrock allegations (which is already gaining major traction in social media and being widely reported in places like Mediaite); in my earlier post with the time-stamp: Jan 4, 2014 at 12:08 pm I described various Red Flags that jumped out at me while reading Itay Hod’s Facebook post.

    What is troubling to observe is that instead of verifying, reporting or examining Hod’s narrative, every news outlet or other website that has shared the “news” has simply parroted Hod’s claim.

    No one has conducted due diligence to verify Hod’s claim by: obtaining verification from the journalist mentioned (he doesn’t even need to go on the record, but verification is key) and the TMZ claim should be looked into deeper before a site pushes out the info. I have no issue with Hod’s post, my issue is with every site that has posted Hod’s insinuation without taking the time to verify.

  • pbrobert

    @FitChicago: I think the sentence was poorly written – “his roommate” refers to the journalist friend’s roommate, not Schock’s roommate.

  • litper

    Stefan aka Jim aka dogf!cker etc, so HOW MANY ultraright-wing conservative republican ANTI-GAY congressmen are following British GAY TWINKS on Instagram? Why isn’t he folowing any american divers? Female divers? Other sportsmen? But only a gay man who loves to pose in nothing but speedos?

  • Palto

    This despicable hypocrite has voted to ruin the lives of countless gays and lesbians not only in his state but the whole country. He’s contributed to the poisonous atmosphere that the GLBT community face everyday including children. Being outed is the least that should happen to to this POS. He should be hung by his balls in Times Square.

  • FitChicago

    @pbrobert: Re-reading it: “a journalist for a reputable network, told you in no uncertain terms that he caught that GOP congressman and his male roommate in the shower…together”

    You may be correct although the structure would suggest that Schrock had a roommate who is male. I would suggest that the sentence that follows: “now they could have been good friends just trying to conserve water.” would backup the idea it was Schrock and Schrock’s male roommate simply because a trick would not give a care about the house/condo’s water bill…

    One thing is clear from the discussion you and I are having: The fact that every site (whether a news site or other) that has published/posted Hod’s claim simply parroted the allegations and failed to verify any of the content Hod presents to support his allegation about Schrock.

    Don’t get me wrong, I support Hod’s action and my instincts indicate that the allegations about Schrock are likely true, I am very uncomfortable with credible media outlets publishing these allegations in a manner which implies credibility without doing anything to verify any of Hod’s content prior to publication. Doing so sets a dangerous precedent and takes us down a very volatile path…

  • Stefan

    Why doesn’t Hod verify HIS OWN content before publishing it?!?! Sheesh. You can make the same assumptions about anyone. You all really want a hot right wing conservative on our team.

  • Horse Lips

    I’m sick to death of these hypocrites. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a word strong enough to describe the disgust I feel for this guy. Corpsefucker is just going to have to do.

  • Palto

    @Stefan: go back to Breitbart.com you right wing troll.

  • Cam

    It’s funny to watch the gay closeted republicans on here in a sheer panic that outing them might become more commonplace.

    Watching them hysterically trying to pretend that outing an anti-gay voting member of Congress is bad is hilarious.

    Enjoy those glass closets while they last folks, they’re not going to be there much longer is my guess.

  • Stefan

    Not a right winger. Why are you attacking me?
    I’m just saying this is bad journalism. Plus, it’s attacking someone for being gay –if they actually are? What if Itay used these same tactics on Ellen before she came out? You all would be having your hissy fits. It’s just getting into dangerous territory to out someone based on clothing or twitter followers or because they walk past a gay bar. I’m just looking for facts or sources–which none of you –incline hot Itay can produce. You can’t just go saying anything about anyone! Actually I guess you can. AND–he would be hung from his (nice, low hanging) balls in Daley Plaza–not Time Square.

  • litper

    We don’t care about your right-wingers “hotness”. We were equally pleased with Larry Craig news. A gay republican is the saddest thing on this planet, we need to get them out of this misery!

  • Palto

    @Stefan: “you all” ? I thought you were one of us Stephan. If Ellen were a politician and had a zero % voting record like this clown has I would wish the same thing, Kids are killing themselves because of turncoats like this and the gloves are now off. Hang the bastard in the media and use him as an example for the next closeted Aaron Schlock wannabe who thinks this is acceptable.

  • mrsbuela

    Yes we know all about how integrity is so important to the Right-wingers when it comes to journalists. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck – shining examples!

  • jimbryant

    What has Obama done legislatively in the last 2 years? Nothing, that’s what. Obama has failed the gay community.

  • Stefan

    I declare Itay Hod to be straight.
    1.) he has no boyfriend
    2.) he wore a shirt with a sports team on it once
    3.) his apartment has no posters of Cher
    4.) I’ve seen him in a straight restaurant
    5.) he does not have a six pack
    6.) I saw him in LL bean
    7. ) I saw him talking to a girl

  • David

    The sad truth is that the main reason this is spreading so fast is because he’s hot. But he doesn’t deserve to get laid when he’s consistently voted against all of our rights. It’s time for a new hashtag. Spread it around:

  • juliazale

    This is plenty proof from this article: “[He] ended up in Congress because he didn’t want to take showers with other guys in gym class, so he fought his school board so he didn’t have to take gym, got on the school board, and then ran for Congress, and won, after that.” If that’s not internalized homophobia, I don’t know what is. http://hillbuzz.org/why-doesnt-congressman-aaron-schock-just-come-out-of-the-closet-already

  • Stefan

    I thinking WANTING to take showers in gym class is probably more gay than not wanting to.

  • Stefan

    @juliazale, did you even read the article you posted?

  • litper

    Right-wing troll is just pathetic.

  • Tackle

    @zoompietro: OK. But Hod sounds bitter about the whole [email protected]CCTR: Thanks. And thanks for posting the video. It does show that the pride flags are just in the background as he’s walking buy…

  • hephaestion

    100% of the congressmen and congresswomen with 0% HRC ratings are gay. You have to be a Closet Case to be that determined to make people think you hate gay people.

    I can’t believe there’s anyone on earth who can’t see that Schock is gay. I feel sorry for anyone in the closet. I hope he wises up and sees that he will be so much happier if he comes out. I hope he realizes that there’s nothing bad about being gay and that his family will accept him if he just tells the truth. He needs to see some gay movies to break thru the brainwashing he has obviously been thru.

  • Palto

    OK [email protected]Stefan: ok let’s look at it from this angle. If he came out and said he was gay after all of this do you agree with the outrage from the GLBT community?

  • Stefan

    @Palto–I would be totally outraged if he came out as gay considering his voting record. It’s the irresponsible attack tactics that I am concerned about.

  • mydude

    Man, this was bound to happen.

    It seems no one wanted to OUT Aaron themselves, but aren’t upset that it was done.

  • juliazale

    Silly Stefan nobody likes gym class, and most teenagers are uncomfortable with their bodies, however we don’t go out of our way to avoid it. We accept is as part of the culture of sports. Military does it too. Ever been to a group spa with jacuzzis, steam rooms and saunas? Still required to be naked. Some how you must live on an alternate planet. I think you need to get over some personal body issues or internalized homophobia like this guy Schock.

  • litper

    Hey rightwing troll Stefan, just give me one logical reason why would an anti-gay republican follow a British (!) openly gay diver who like to pose in his speedos?

  • Stefan

    @jizzale–my point is–not wanting to take showers in gym class –does not make you gay!! You are using the same gay stereotypes the conservatives use against us!! There is just no evidence that this guy is gay! Gym bod and clothes do not make you gay?! What Itay did is very dangerous–he using gay stereotypes to out someone who might not even be gay!

  • Stefan

    @Lisper –I am not right wing –and hardly a troll. He may like diving–or fencing–or ballet–or football–NONE of which means someone is gay!

  • juliazale

    Ugh this reminds me of the time I saw Jillian Michaels in a lesbian bar and she spoke with my Lez friend, and I knew a gay nutritionist who worked with Bob Harper on the Biggest Loser and mentioned he was gay too. When rumors were swirling some people online blasted me for saying I knew they were gay based on this information. That it wasn’t proof enough and that I was wrong. Fave comment “Just because she was in a gay bar doesn’t mean she’s gay.” Yeah true, but she didn’t mind my friend flirting with her either. And many celebs just like Anderson Cooper, don’t care if the public knows or to announce it. It’s an open secret, as long as they are out to their colleagues and family why does anyone else need to know? I can understand that. But this douche bag Schock is harming the gay community. Eat crow! Cuz they always come out sooner then later.

  • juliazale

    Stefan the point I’m making is not about a stereotype. Maybe you should read everything again. Maybe you should talk to others or read online account of others who have gone through the closet and had similar fears of being turned on by seeing the same sex naked in a shower, or of others finding out they were secretly gay if they looked at them, or just the fear of putting themselves in a situation that may cause them to realize their same sex attractions. But perhaps I’m just beating a dead horse.

  • Stefan

    Julizake–actually you make a good point–you were criticized for outing someone who was in a gay bar flirting with your friends. But in this case–when there is no such evidence it perfectly fine. I’m just uncomfortable attacking ANYONE using tired, old gay stereotypes. It’s just irresponsible, shoddy journalism –attacking someone because they don’t agree with your views. The same methods that shamed gays back into the closet for decades. Now it’s ok because the attacker us a hot gay guy and victim is a hot right wing conservative. No one else seems to thinks this way though. I am from IL –this guy is not in the bars –is not even rumored to have slept with a friend of so and so, etc. Conservatives will come after us using the same tactics to prevent us from adopting. It’s just not right.

  • litper

    @rightwinger Stefan he doesn’t follow other divers. Again, why would an American conservative “patriot” who is openly anti-gay follow a British gay diving twink? Why do you make these stupid excuses?

  • Stefan

    @Lisper–you’re really going to make assumptions if someone is gay based on who they follow on twitter?! Ugh. Now if he was following brandon from Sean Cody on Twitter..

  • Stefan

    Lol–brandon way better

  • markus green

    First post on this site, so I won’t try to say too much.

    If someone decided they wanted to “out” me, I’d have to say “Whatever. It’s kind of a compliment you think I’m gay. I don’t bathe that often or with scented soap. I do work out but I’m basically a chubby biker with two kids and a wife of sixteen years, but if you want me to be gay, ok, I’m gay. It’s not an insult to me.”

    So why would you bother to out me?

    You wouldn’t. I support all rights of all people to be who and whatever they want. I love my friend Brandon who I met when he was Jenna as much as any of my friends. I defend his right to life, liberty, and yadda yadda…”

    It seems there’s some major discomfort in the alphabet soup community (I cannot keep up with all the L’s and T’s and Q’s but they’re all excellent letters) with whether to “out” or not. I understand the discomfort as privacy is an important issue for everyone. So, as someone who couldn’t care less how YOU identify ME, I say reserve outing for those who would consider being outed an insult. Obviously Schock falls into this category, and the way Aaron Rodgers “I really dig chicks, man” answered the question, I wouldn’t care if he were outed to. Neither would the people of Wisconsin, as long as he’s scoring just as many touchdowns as other things.

    Out them all. Every one of them. Until no one is insulted by it. Anyone who argues otherwise doesn’t get it in my opinion. My kids don’t care if you’re gay, and they don’t see “gay” as an insult. Kids will tell you what’s bad is hurting other people. Outing people who think it’s bad to be gay, and those who actively try to deny rights to others?

    Wow. That’s a no brainer.

  • litper

    so Stefan finally admits he’s a rightwing troll but who still has “urges” to watch gay porn (and the worst “gay4pay” kind of it)

  • Stefan

    Brandon get fucks on video and is straight. And Aaron Shock wears a blue belt and is gay?

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    Douchebag or not, I’d still fuck the hell out of him.

    And with all that pent up repression, he’d love it.

  • litper

    Most republicans are insatiable bottoms!

  • tjr101

    Wow, the gay republican brigade are circling the wagon for this anti-gay bigot like good little quislings. I’m Schocked!!!

  • DCInTheKnow

    See paulryanxxx.tumblr.com for some interesting reading about Aaron & Paul Ryan.

  • tada-no

    Is anyone surprised that this self-hating ass still gets laid at all? If there would be more self respecting guys out there, they would boycott his grindr hunting in D.C./Maryland areas or wherever else he hooks up. But there will always be those guys who’ll do anything for a piece of dick and tanned flesh. I only wished some guy would take photos of Shock hopping on a pipe so his Tea Party supporters get heart attacks.

  • Kangol


    Schock’s state, Illinois, is not anti-gay. In fact Illinois is one of the more (most?) liberal states in the US. It is the only US state to elect two African Americans (one in the 20th century and one in the 21st) to the US Senate since Reconstruction, and one of them, Barack Obama, is now the President of the US. In fact, Illinois is easily the most liberal state in the Midwest. It also has one of the major gay capitals in the world, Chicago, and even though there are conservative pockets of the state, for the most part it is more liberal than most of its neighbors (Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, your Iowa, etc.).

    One of its two US senators, Republican Mark Kirk, has already been outed (by a Republican!). Schock may represent a conservative district, but if he is a closeted gay man, that does not mean that he has to actively push and support anti-gay legislation. Also, as a member of the contemporary Republican Party, which, let us not forget, has pushed anti-gay legislation at the local and federal levels for years, and as a member of the US House, he is supporting anti-gay policies that affect not just Illinoisans, but the entire country.

    I know that many other people, gay or otherwise, will not agree with me on different issues. The gay communities in this country do not all think alike. But what most of the commentators have been saying so well is that when one of our own–another gay person–actively seeks to harm us by pushing anti-gay laws that strip away our hard-won rights and oppress us–which is different from disagreeing about using a salad fork, or driving a flex-fuel car vs. an electric car, or whether we should get married after a year or ten years, or whether we should have retrogressive or progressive tax policy, we should really think twice about coddling and supporting that anti-gay closeted gay person. Schock falls in this category.

  • redspyder

    Okay – so probably pretty wrong of me – but I find most of the posts on Aaron Shock’s facebook page (as opposed to Hods), congratulating him on finally coming out, hilarious.


    Check out his trousers on 12.29.13…

    And the first comment I saw: “Okay we can all stop wishing you will finally come out of the closet. Those pants did it for you”.

    Sorry to find so much amusement in what you probably see as pain, Aaron!

  • Caleb in SC

    @jimbryant: I have to respectfully disagree. Obama has done more for the LGBT rights than any other president in US history. Legislatively, why has he not accomplished more? The GOP controlled House of Representatives. They would rather eat crap and die than give Obama ANY sort of legislative victory.

  • Soldier_Medic

    I conflate this with Melissa Harris perry tearfully apologizing for he guests making harmless joke about about Mitt Romney, This after the Duck Dynasty debacle. Point being, what will happen? nothing.He’ll cry the “Liberal media” did this” and his cohorts, despising him, will publicly pretend to be outraged.

    If gay was the new black, GOP Fakarage [fake outrage ]is the new gay.

    For better or worse, Martin Banshi, Alec Baldwin all lost their jobs for comments. Meanwhile, Shawn Hannity can call the president a thug,Phil Robertson can bash gays and be a media darling while Alec Baldwin lost his job for “using a antigay slur yet supporting the gay community.

    And Martin Bashire had to apologize before exiting stage left for correcting Sarah Palin’s insulting remarks.

    They’ll probably use Schock as their poster boy to CONTINUE to push their antigay agenda.” See he’s gay and agrees with us.”

  • jimbryant

    Obama’s Democrats had a super-majority for a couple of years in Congress. During that time, he did nothing for us. He failed.

  • Caleb in SC

    @jimbryant: If you really think two years is enough to get anything done, then you need to educate yourself on the electoral process.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Caleb in SC: If you know anything about (he who must not be named)educating himself on anything is not he she or it’s forte…

  • Sue E. Rose

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  • Jackhoffsky

    Aaron Schock outed Aaron Schock. Hod just expressed his (our collective?) frustration at the method – which is a sly grimace of denial while arrogantly trying to parade himself about without discretion due to his Bush/Perry-esque smug sense of untouchability.

    I recognize this. I tried to do the same thing back when I was raised as a fundamental Christian. You do what you have to in order to make one group happy while simultaneously trying to express who you are as an individual.

    **spoiler alert**

    It doesn’t work. Hod is justified in his frustration. I was just an idiot kid living in my own section of the world. Schock actually affects the lives of gay people living in his state. Politicians are public servants and they should be called out on ALL forms of hypocrisy regardless of subject.

  • Lane103

    Seems to me the media should out people like this congressman and those that claim to be family men and women who cheat on their spouses. The media should report on all hypocrites. The media should be exposing the truths…albeit politicians or celebrities who lie to the public to make buck…

  • DCInTheKnow

    See paulryanxxx.tumblr.com for some interesting reading about Aaron Schock & Paul Ryan.

    “Paul stood and headed to the dresser while Aaron removed his shoes and socks. After he finished, he laid down on the bed, his legs over the side. He stared up at the ceiling, savoring the moment.
    Paul walked back to Aaron, throwing the used wrapper on the ground.”


  • Black Pegasus

    I have so much contempt for anyone living a hypocritical life! OUT this pig and others like him!

  • redspyder

    @DCInTheKnow: Saw this post 7 hours ago… if you want to advertise, maybe you should just send a mail to Queerty asking for rate info.

  • balehead

    So much delusional sadness on here…Do you think he’ll ever be an ally even if he is outed???… He” just become a poster boy for the right saying how awful it is too be gay..and he’ll say I should know because I am one…..

  • Imallwritedotcom

    In Washington circles there has been much talk
    A story was written about Aaron Schock
    A staffer replied
    That the author had lied;
    “Aaron’s not gay, he just prefers cock”


  • Caleb in SC

    @balehead: Yes, Sir!

  • Kangol

    @Caleb in SC:

    You’re so right!

    President Obama is the first and only US President thus far to have mentioned “gay” people in an inaugural address, and has also spoken out in favor of gay people year after year.

    Exactly, Caleb. In 2010, the Democratic-controlled Congress passed a repeal of DADT, which the President signed.

    In 2009 the Democratic-controlled Congress passed the Affordable Care Act which does not discriminate against LGBT people, which the President signed. He also has directed the Department of HHS to afford same-sex partners the same rights for hospital visitation as opposite-sex couples.

    In 2011 the President directed the Justice Department to no longer defend the odious DOMA, and the Supreme Court struck it down last year.

    President Obama also signed a memorandum that expands federal benefits for the same-sex partners executive branch and Foreign service employees.

    Throughout his 5 years in office this President has appointed more out gay men and lesbians, as well as transgender people, to positions throughout the federal government, including the Federal judiciary, and has spoken out more for gay rights and gender eequality, than any of this predecessors.

    And he has accomplished all of this with a bare Democratic majority in the US Senate, and a conservative GOP controlling the house since 2010.

    As far as Shock goes, who cares if he’s an “ally”? He’s done so much damage he should be voted out of office, and a true ally, Democratic, Republican, Independent or otherwise, would be a much better choice for his seat.

  • balehead

    Too much “Straight shaming” is in this process…..

  • redspyder

    @Kangol: There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

    1996: Obama, candidate for the Illinois State Senate, affirmed his ”unequivocal support for gay marriage”

    1998: Obama turns lukewarm on the issue. During yet another election cycle, he answered that his position on the issue was “undecided”.

    2004: Obama publicly supports domestic partnerships and civil unions. He also took the opportunity to say that, unlike his statement in 1998, he did not support gay marriage

    2008: Obama affirms that he believes marriage to be between one man and one woman

    2010: Obama: “I have been to this point unwilling to sign on to same-sex marriage primarily because of my understandings of the traditional definitions of marriage. But I also think you’re right that attitudes evolve, including mine.”

    2011: “the President directed the Justice Department to no longer defend the odious DOMA”. You conveniently ignore the multiple occasions that the Justice Department, under Obama’s administration, enforced the “odious” DOMA bill prior to this. The decision to “no longer defend” was made because of two lawsuits that were challenging the statute. United States v. Windsor defined the constitutionality of DOMA.

    2012: Obama: “It is important for me personally to go ahead and affirm that same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

    All of these comments have been made during election cycles. He’s not the gay messiah – he’s just a politician working the street. Has the result been good for gay rights? Yes. Its fortunate it suited his needs at the time. While some may choose to worship him for that, I’m not so easy.

  • mrsbuela

    oh honeys

    don’t you nutty right wingers have something more productive to do instead of defending a vile hypocrite who would rather see y’all in a concentration camp than be treated like a human being?

    Ol buela knows the type and sees it regularly living here in the Big Easy. The morally superior Bible thumping hypocrites who seem to think playing with a few men while they’re away from Wifey doesn’t make them gay. Sorry hon, if you have a penis and have one in your mouth too, you ain’t straight!

    Schock deserves no compassion from the LGBTQ community he has sold out over the years. None. ol Buela is hoping he is forever scorned.

    As for all the right wing nutjob on here…. seriously, don’t you have better things to do? I’m sure Fox news’ boards are missing your closeted asses and you can always continue building your Sarah Palin shrines or whatever the hell it is you do….

    oh and, @redspyder:

    could you please, post up all the things Mr Schock has done for the LGBTQ community? And could you also please post all the great things George W Bush did during his presidency? Please enlighten us!

  • ppp111

    What’s really sad in all this is that if, and that’s a big IF, Schock admits being gay and still supports all his conservative causes, the Right will embrace him wholeheartedly. I remember reading about Phyllis Schafly’s son who is gay. Despite this, he supports all his mother’s causes and her view on women’s and gay rights. Sad.

  • Cam

    I LOVE to watch all the desperate right wingers who will do ANYTHING to try to derail the conversation.

    They will try to post about Obama, or claim that straights are being bullied etc…. ANYTHING to deflect from the facts. Which are…..

    1. Aaron Schock is an anti-gay Congressman who votes against gay rights.

    2. Aaron Schock is apparently a closeted, self hating homosexual throwing his own to the wolves.

    Sorry BJ and Jim, that is what this post is about.

  • Stefan

    @Cam–your post was very profound –except for the word “apparently”.

  • MCHG

    at the risk of being called a right winger, allow me to show why this tactic is unethical at best, disastrous at worst. aaron schock is not a hypocrite. he sleeps with men, we know that. has he proposed legislation against gay sex? has he vehemently spoken against gay people like Rick Santorum? no. he is not married to another man, nor is he an openly gay member of the military. he has not betrayed his voting record in any way, shape, or form. so the charges of hypocrisy against him are null and void.

    one can argue that he had voted against ” his own people”, but that’s not an accurate statement either. aaron had not aligned himself with the gay community. he’s under no obligation to vote for what the majority of gay prepulsive as gay gossip. tmz and the like are not applauded by the majority of the population for talking about Dwayne wade’s baby mama drama. we should be striving for a world where private lives ate private. this titillation over the sex lives of public figures is virtually non existent in Europe because they are a sexually secure country. either way, sex ieople want just because he’s gay. he was, however, elected by his conservative constituency and therefore expected to vote in accordance with the republican party’s platform. this idea that gays, racial minorities, and the poor should be shamed for not voting democrat is disrespectful. people are individuals, and we don’t have the right to attack them for refusing to vote for who we think has their best interest at heart.

    its a bit disturbing to see the joy some take in outing another person. I gaurantee you, the closeted kid reading this site, especially with the outing spree going on right now, is not in any rush to tell his friends that hes gay. why come out if it can be used against you if you vote for the “wrong” party or end up being a public figure? cbs cant report on aarons sexuality because if aaron decides he cant handle being outed and puts a rope around his neck its cbs thats going to have to tell his family why it was so important to cover an aspect of his private life that has nothing to do with his professional career.

  • MCHG

    @MCHG: ugh, disregard the middle paragraph I guess, some of what I was going to write got edited into the middle of one of my sentences.

  • redspyder

    @mrsbuela: Why do I need to point out anything on what Bush or Schock has done? Being HONEST about Obama doesn’t make you pro-Republican. Unfortunately the rabid liberal left can’t accept honest criticism. Rather than address the facts, they go into attack mode…

    Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, “honey” – all that idol worship is hell on your knees.

  • Joincny

    @MCHG: whatever you’re trying to convince people of, it’s not working. You’re defending a hypocritical liar. I wonder what kind of person that makes you?

  • sionnachair

    I thought the TMZ footage from August 2012 was indicative — Cong. Schock is walking past some gay stores and a gay bar in Tampa’s Ybor neighborhood.

    And it doesn’t mean he isn’t gay, but it turns out he was at an event sponsored by the Atlantic and the National Journal during the Republican National Convention. It was held at the Improv Theatre in Ybor City, right around the corner from where he was filmed.

    So no smoking gun. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • redspyder

    @sionnachair: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” – widely attributed to Sigmund Freud

    “Sometimes its not” – Monica Lewinsky

  • Jimmy


    AMEN! Alton, I am your newest and biggest fan. SO WELL WRITTEN – SO WELL SAID! Are you a writer by any chance? If so, do you have a blog I could follow? Regardless – that was some very sharp writing. Take care Alton.

  • MCHG

    @Joincny: I pretty much explained in my post how Aaron is not a hypocrite, so let’s jump off that wagon. also, that’s a very cute attempt to judge my entire character based on one comment on the internet. so let’s see what kind of guy I am. I’m the kind of guy that thinks that at the end of the day, politicians should be judged by their policies, not their personal lives. none of us are saints, and every human being is a hypocrite, some of us just don’t have the luxury of getting paid a government salary whilst being one. I’m the kind of guy who can’t understand the joy on destroying a man’s life and career with a tactic that over the years has done less and less for gay rights. I’m a man, just like EVERY OTHER MAN ON THIS SITE who was at one point in the closet and completely empatize with someone who can’t come out to the very people who’s lives he’s trying to improve. I believe that the human right to privacy should be extended to all people, not just the ones the majority of that person’s peer group agrees with. Aaron was democratically elected by his conservative constituency and therefore is expected to vote in their favor. if the gay community wants to change that, it can follow the democratic process and vote for someone else when aaron is up for reelection. this fervent desire to out people gets creepier every single time queerty does it and this time, according to the majority of conservatives online saying they support schock despite the outing and rebuking the gay community for violating his right to privacy, it may have just backfired.

  • KKaegan

    @loafersguy: Haha! Me too!

  • Geoff B

    @MCHG: So, as someone who lives in Schock’s district, I would like to respond. I did not vote for him either time I had an opportunity to even though I would vote for a pro-gay conservative in a heartbeat. He wants to diminish my relationship with my partner,I have no problem with anyone who holds his dirty laundry and hypocrasy for all the world to see. His voting record seeks to harm mylife, I applaud those who seek to ruin his. I can forgive a lot, but you want to screw with my human rights, game on.

  • MCHG

    @Geoff B: really, how it’s he diminishing your relationship with your partner? is he preventing you from seeing each other? is he breaking into your bedroom and stopping you from having sex. if Aaron’s secrets are fair game then so are everyone else’s. believe me you don’t want to go down the wormhole of political blackmail.

  • redspyder


    You actually didn’t explain how Aaron ISN’T a hypocrite – your post is jumbled and confusing, apparently through no fault of your own. Regardless, it is hard to follow.

    I will, however, point out that you seem to argue two points that seem at odds with each other. 1.) Aaron’s has not “betrayed his voting record in any way, shape, or form” given his personal stance or beliefs; and 2.) that he was elected by his conservative constituency and therefore expected to vote in accordance with the republican party’s platform. Personally, I find it hard to believe that ANYONE can vote their personal conscience while also maintaining a vote that is consistent with the majority of their constituents.

    Ignoring my personal beliefs, though – Aaron Shock has NOT managed to achieve this. In their endorsement, The Peoria Journal Star noted that Schock voted with President Barack Obama more than a third of the time, breaking with GOP leaders on multiple issues, from his support for renewable energy to taming predatory lenders to FDA regulation of tobacco. Those votes can hardly be seen as “in accordance with the republican party’s platform”.

    The Illinois Daily Caller also has an article (from 2010), in which Schock talks about representing his early career in the State Capitol, in his district of 40,000 voters, half on food stamps, with a large union force – “I could vote against things like the raising minimum wage … and go back and explain to them why it didn’t make sense”.

    You honestly think that translates into him voting in their favor?

    Given that Schock has a record of voting however he wants, his record of 100% anti-gay votes – if he actually is gay – deservess questionable. Maybe not hypocritical by definition, but certainly complicit in the active suppression of people just like him. That makes him the Republican Party’s gay version of an ‘Uncle Tom’. ‘Hypocritical’ may have been an easier label for him to wear.

  • redspyder

    @MCHG: Personally, I can’t speak for GeoffB. But I can say that by voting against amending federal hate crimes laws to include crimes where the victims were targeted on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender and disability, Schock has directly impacted every gay citizen in his district. Since he votes his conscience, he’s telling his constituents that this sort of protection isn’t necessary.

  • Joincny

    @MCHG: I think politicians should be allowed a private life only to the point it doesn’t affect me personally. He is crossing the line once he decides to vote against me and my rights.

  • TomMc

    Lies make baby Jesus cry.”
    — Todd Flanders [Season 5, Episode 16]

  • MilesVorkosigan

    As I say : it’s not the brain we fuck…

  • David Pumo

    If a congressman is gay (as all evidence seems to suggest) and continually votes against his own civil rights and the rights of LGBT people, this a character (and possibly mental health) issue that his constituents have every right to know about. Also, he is a liar, which his constituents also deserve to know about. OUT THE MUTHA F#$%ER!!!

  • dloehmann

    If you got the proof and it’s in the pudding, I say OUT THIS BITCH, NOW! For those calling for tolerance and understanding, enough of that crap! This is war, people. We’ve suffered in our own Holocaust long enough. If your career ambitions include denying the rights of millions of people, then guess what? You’re done and you can take your career path straight back to the bathhouse you just walked out of. Bad fashion cues aside, if there is evidence this crapbag is gay, out his bony little butt now. He can get a job with Donald Trump.

  • Maleko

    @Alton: I also figure he is gay,but it is just my speculation. I have never seen any proof the he is gay. What proof do we have that he is gay; not mere speculation but solid evidence. Did one of his sexual partners get caught with him? Do we have anyone that will take the witness stand (so to speak) and testify that Arron Schock is gay? Can he testify that he slept with Schock? He knows first hand someone that did sleep with him? Does someone have a video of Schock in the midst of gay sexual relations? Unless we, the gay community, have convincing evidence that he is gay, we might lay off the guy and leave him alone. We look and sound desperate to ‘out’ him and that reflects badly on us.

  • Markajv

    WTF, I dont care about this asshat but I wonder why the gay community ALWAYS has something to say or has to peer into some guys sexuality because he has a gym rat body? Just goes to show how “Body Image” is the only thing Gay men think about.Someone do an investigative article on couples who DO NOT look like a clone and find out what attracted them to each other. (Never heard anyone saying anything about Chris Christie) So sad!

  • dloehmann

    @Markajv: You just wrote something that reflects your own problems with your own body image. Nobody here cares at all whether he’s built like an Adonis or not. What we do care about is getting rid of someone who is a hypocrite, a liar, and a fool, someone who is ruining the lives of Gay and Lesbian people. Get back on topic. If, in fact, this person is gay, he needs to be outed, whether he wants to be or not. No more traitors to our cause, no more cheats, no more liars. Try and focus on what he is doing; destroying our chances at really making a change and moving forward to actual freedom from ridicule, hate, and fear.

  • Maude

    How do I know? Because my Gaydar tells me so.

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