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  • Stormin Norman

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.
    Liberals, take note. THIS is how you call out the right on their bullshit. Well, actually, the gays have been doing this for years. The blacks, and also increasingly the Latinos, have also been expert at calling out right wing bullshit when they see it. It’s the white liberal straights who need to learn from Dan Abrams. THIS is how you take no prisoners,stand your ground, state your case and make your point. THIS is also how you call out Rush Limbaugh in response to the usual excuse that Rush is merely joking. And Dan Abrams, thank you. You’re handsome and your balls are big too.

  • ctSF

    Abrams is my personal hero. It is so hard to believe that anyone can turn this tragedy into a religious or social agenda talking point. I don’t understand and I’m glad I don’t. What that bastard Gibson said, using clips from Brokeback, is heinous. Thanks, Dan, for calling out these f**ks.

  • Snoodle

    Thank you Abrams…god the bigots make me sick…Gibson is making me want to vomit right now…

  • Laur*

    I am just taking a wild guess, but I’m guessing the group that Abrams is referring to and refuses to say the same for fear of endorsing them (and rightfully so) is the Phelps family. The whole “protesting at innapropriate events” things is what makes me think it’s them. They traditionally have protested military funerals, gay pride parades, and other events. Does this scream “Phelps” to anyone else but me?

  • Wesee

    If these people mouthing off and quoting GOD then I am sure they follow the false god, the evil one, the one from the underworld. Hope they join him soon.

  • Jake

    Nothing gets past you, just kidding! Of course he’s referring to the Phelps Klan and the good people at the Westboro Baptist Church. This group of lunatics is what’s wrong with America, it’s NOT the gays.

  • Dale

    This got some play in Australian media –,25197,23112354-26103,00.html
    Fortunately it’s not happening in Ledger’s hometown Perth, Western Australia, where the actual funeral will presumably be. This will be a great relief for the Perth police – among others – as his hometown was very proud of him. From what I’ve read of this Westboro bunch’s activities in the past they’d have been lucky to make it back to the airport.

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