Afternoon Scare


Bloggers get a lot of shit for taking unnecessary jabs at people just to be mean, so we usually try to avoid such behavior (except Clay Aiken), but we need to break out the bitch for a second.

Is it just us, or does Giorgio Armani looks like a runover, half-decomposed corpse left in the sun for two hundred years, miraculously revived, then whacked in the face with a rusty oar? It seems as if the repeated oar blows killed him (again) at which point he was stuffed in a trash compactor, smooshed, removed, stretched out, brought back from the dead (again) and given keys to a car for being such a good sport.

Don’t see it? Well, here’s a close up:



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  • Giuseppe Finger

    Face wasting? I don’t mean it as a swipe. I really think that’s what it is. Identifying a case of face wasting is to today what picking out a nose job was to the Eighties. Only it is a lot less fun.

  • The Ghost of the Mummy

    He’s looking real pretty in his muscle T and new car, and it probably took several vicadin and a bottle of good wine for him to work up the courage. God, could you imagine what it must be like to work in an industry surrounded by child workers who retire at 19 and you’re old enough to have tricked with their great-great-great-grandpappy? And the absolute horror when someone wants to roll you out of your crypt to snap your pic? He was probably up all night soaking in virgin’s blood with a his face lathered in Preparation H.

  • Scott Lewallen

    O M G LOL!!! I just guffawed from my cubicle. thank you, queerty

  • David Mc.

    I started reading Queerty about a month ago… I thought, “Cool, a little political, a little stylee, not too bitchy, not too cluttered with attempts to get ad dollars.”

    I was with you all until this week, though I’d noticed a definite change… This week, no mention of the queer couple on Amazing Race (not sexy enough, I guess) and then this bitchiness about Armani. (I couldn’t give a sh*t about him but I recognize superficiality when I see it.) Then, thinking back, no mention of queer pioneers Pet Shop Boys new album.

    Best of luck, boys. My search for intelligent life continues…

  • copyranter

    way to push it, person who wrote this post. I appreciate the overthetop-ness.

  • spiffy

    If I’m that rich when I’m that age, I’d probably be OK with looking like that — I can always buy my youth back — besides, Armani is pretty well-kept for an older guy!

  • JJ

    That’s SNARKY with SIX S’s SISTER!

  • Boris

    This was a mean-spirited, uncalled-for, and stupid post. The man doesn’t look that bad. This kind of elitism turns me off and I’ve lost respect for this blog. Too bad… it had promise.

  • Lola Kuntz

    Oye !!!! This one scared the hell out of me. holy shit !!

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