Amini Fonua’s first facial, Tom Daley’s heavy medal, & Ronnie Woo’s big bone

This week Justin Timberlake’s “May” meme was officially cancelled, Ricky Martin went full leather daddy, and a son beautifully memorialized his late gay dads. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Cheyenne Jackson dressed down.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a thought.

Eliad Cohen chased a waterfall.

Nolan Gould brought a keg.

Gregg Sulkin shared his trailer.

Phil Montana caught the wind.

Justin Bieber let a nip slip.

Ken XY ruled the locker room.

Alexander Abramov walked in the woods.

Dermot Watchorn joined the Red Hot 100.

Laith Ashley danced in his room.

Ronnie Woo stuffed his face.

Tan France announced a pregnancy.

Amini Fonua had his first ever facial.

Tom Daley won gold.

Jae Fusz stretched his legs.

Ryan O’Connell walked the beach.

Marcel Karussell abandoned the bathroom.

Maluma took a sip.

Tim McGraw caught a fish.

Milo Ventimiglia wore very short shorts.

Terry Miller grew his hair.

And Milan Christopher rocked pastels.

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