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Amy Coney Barrett and her creepy cult are back in the news and this time LGBTQ rights are on the line

Amy Coney Barrett at her Senate questioning

Several ex-members of People of Praise, the creepy anti-gay Christian cult Amy Coney Barrett is connected to, are calling on the 50-year-old Supreme Court justice to recuse herself from an upcoming case about LGBTQ rights.

The network of survivors says Barrett’s “lifelong and continued” affiliation with People of Praise makes her unable to fairly adjudicate a pending case that will determine whether private businesses should be able to discriminate against LGBTQ customers on religious grounds.

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303 Creative LLC v. Elenis is scheduled to be argued before the Court on December 5. Christian website developer Lori Smith says an anti-discrimination law in Colorado forced her to “create messages that go against my deeply held beliefs” since she can’t legally reject same-sex couples seeking her website services.

The whole thing harkens back to 2018’s Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado, in which baker Jack Phillips claimed making a wedding cake for a same-sex couple violated his faith. Phillips ultimately won his case, although Barrett was not on the Court at that time.

Now that a similar case is before the Court, and Barrett is set to hear it, folx are sounding the alarm.

People of Praise was founded in South Bend, Indiana in 1971 by Kevin Ranaghan and purports to be “a charismatic Christian community” that “provides a natural support for marriages and families” and is “led by the Holy Spirit.”

In reality, it’s a cult that expects women to be docile and subservient and believes homosexuality is a sin and gay marriage is evil. Members who admit to engaging in any sort of homosexual activity are immediately expelled, and children with same-gender parents are banned from the group’s schools.

Barrett served as a handmaid (no joke!) in the group for many years and personally stayed with Ranaghan and his wife their nine-bedroom South Bend home for two years after graduating from law school in 1997. Her husband, Jesse, also lived at the house.

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“I don’t believe that someone in her position, who is a member of this group, could put those biases aside, especially in a decision like the one coming up,” Maura Sullivan told The Guardian this week.

Kevin Connolly, ex-member and brother of the cult’s chief spokesperson, added, “The People of Praise has deeply entrenched, anti-gay values that negatively affect the lives of real people, including vulnerable youth. These values show up in the everyday policies of the People of Praise and their schools. They are policies that are way outside the mainstream, and most Americans would be disturbed by them.”

Barrett has made no indication that she’ll recuse herself from the case, and given that she was installed on the Court for the sole purpose of overturning Roe v. Wade and rolling back rights for LGBTQ people, we highly doubt she’s going to.

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