Anderson Cooper Reads Homophobic Hater In Classy Twitter Exchange

anderson-cooper-Damian-Goddard-tweetOut CNN anchor Anderson Cooper hopped on Twitter earlier this week to express support for Derrick Gordon, the UMass sophomore who became the first openly gay man in Division I college basketball after coming out on Wednesday.

Watching coverage of the story that included interviews with Gordon himself, Cooper called the move “incredibly courageous and inspiring”:

Cooper’s followers overwhelmingly echoed his sentiment, save one homophobic hater. Damian Goddard, a Canadian news sports anchor who was fired from his previous job in 2011 after expressing his anti-gay marriage stance on Twitter, said Cooper was “dead wrong.”

Bold words from a NOM spokesperson who also called President Obama a terrorist in 2012:

Anderson Cooper’s response, with grace:

Aaaand we have a winner.


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  • Captain Obvious

    Daaaaaaaaaaamn, go, Anderson. Read 9 more and you get a free personal pan pizza. You Book-it, boy.

  • sonofabee


  • carey579

    lol love it :)

  • Black Pegasus

    How does a clown like Damian Goddard hold down a job with bigoted views like that?

  • Billy Budd

    It was the perfect answer. Instead of continuing the discussion, as was the objective of the bigot, he just riculed the bigot saying he would never get laid.

  • Cam

    To all the apologists who used to come on here foaming at the mouth attacking anybody suggestion Cooper come out, and screaming “What difference would it make if he was out?”

    THAT is what difference it makes. Well done Mr. Cooper.

  • tjr101

    Where is Blow Job McFrisky to defend this right-winger?

  • Ms Urethra Johnson

    Is that a comb-over or hair plugs, or a combo of both?

  • northwest


  • nemesis9

    Good one. He really zinged him by stereotyping gay guys.

  • Billy Budd

    I am mostly a top, but I would easily bottom for Anderson. He is the cutest, smartest guy in the market.

  • robho3


  • culburraboy

    @Billy Budd: Love it Billy! :D

  • drivendervish

    Perhaps I am missing something but responding to a hateful remark by attacking this guys fashion sense (or lack thereof)isn’t particularly helpful in my opinion. It trivializes the remark and stereotypes gay people as silly, vacuous and more interested in putting others down in a very shallow manner than responding intelligently to a clearly misguided individual.

  • Billy Budd

    @drivendervish: You are wrong. If he tried to reason with the guy, explaining that being gay is natural, he would just be flooded with more biblical arguments “proving” that homosexuality is wrong. It is much better to destroy the enemy by ridiculing him.

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