Anderson Cooper Reads Homophobic Hater In Classy Twitter Exchange

anderson-cooper-Damian-Goddard-tweetOut CNN anchor Anderson Cooper hopped on Twitter earlier this week to express support for Derrick Gordon, the UMass sophomore who became the first openly gay man in Division I college basketball after coming out on Wednesday.

Watching coverage of the story that included interviews with Gordon himself, Cooper called the move “incredibly courageous and inspiring”:

Cooper’s followers overwhelmingly echoed his sentiment, save one homophobic hater. Damian Goddard, a Canadian news sports anchor who was fired from his previous job in 2011 after expressing his anti-gay marriage stance on Twitter, said Cooper was “dead wrong.”

Bold words from a NOM spokesperson who also called President Obama a terrorist in 2012:

Anderson Cooper’s response, with grace:

Aaaand we have a winner.