Andy Cohen Doesn’t Appreciate President Candidates Shoving Gay Marriage Down Your Throats

Should it be the centerpiece of everyone’s campaign? No. I think Obama made a big statement with DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act]. I think that this gay marriage issue is about baby steps and I think the country’s coming around and it was courageous of Obama to come and out say we’re not going to stand behind fighting this DOMA thing anymore. I was really happy about that. I think slowly this thing is going to happen and you need to slowly gather momentum and get the American public behind it.

Andy Cohen, the regularly defaced Bravo, doesn’t want every presidential candidate making big moves on gay marriage [via]

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  • DAveny

    Who is this grumpy old man?

  • apollo


    You’re a better person for not knowing.

  • James

    I think what he is saying is so true.Most people do not want gay marriage. He still has to get elected so it will happen just take baby steps.I think all the people who think he should just come out for it live in a dream world,because you think he can get re-elected even if he comes out for gay marriage.

  • christopher di spirito

    Is Andy Cohen really gay or is he just zoooming the queers with programs like Top Chef and the Real Housewives of _________?

  • TheRealAdam

    No one has time for “baby steps” except the bigoted breeders who don’t want us to have equality. What an insult.

  • Riker

    @TheRealAdam: We don’t have time, but we also don’t have much of a choice.

  • Jim Hlavac

    I think it would be wonderful if every presidential candidate was required to discuss the issue of gays in America. Time to bring this debate to the fore. Time for America to see how absurd this whole thing is. Not so much the word “marriage” as the attacks upon us as the destroyers of civilization. No, let them all debate, and let them all campaign on the issue. This will be very very good.

  • blatherer

    The way I see it, if they want to pay my taxes, then they can tell me who I can and cannot marry. Otherwise, shut up and give me the same rights everybody else enjoys.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    He’s got a point IN relation to the country that he lives in. You guys are really, really religious. What can one do?

    BUT if this was Europe, I’d be like no 8 as we tend to believe in equality more then you guys. Plus our politics isn’t as dirty, ruthless or crazy.

    Michele Bachman would NEVER get elected in the UK…

  • George412

    Why do I care what he has to say?

  • Cam



    Back in the day most people didn’t want interacial marriage either. Most people didn’t want women to vote, most people didn’t want women to have equal rights in the workplace etc…

    Cohen and his ilk are the only self haters out there to demand that politicians do LESS to help them because they are so afraid that they might upset somebody.

    Ugh, the more I hear about this guy the worse he sounds.

  • Cam

    @Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England):

    Oh yeah John, Kurt Waldheim, you know, the former NAzi SS who was president of Austria…was all about equality.

    You come from a country that specifically elevates people higher than others by an accident of birth and title. So maybe a little less sanctimony there. ;)

  • mstjohn

    You know, the unfair title of this page and the unfair comments hating on this guy really mischaracterize what he’s saying. He’s merely saying that you move forward and make progress by building consensus, not being combative and unyielding. It’s a process, and it will take time.

    The greatest boon to advancing homosexual rights in this country has been interpersonal visibility. Homosexuals no longer find it acceptable to live in the closet, and our friends, family and co-workers realize that we’re just people like everybody else. Gay marriage is an important issue that should be discussed, but it is not the only issue facing our country.

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