Andy Humm: Equality Speech? Bloomberg Helped NY’s Anti-Gay Bigots Get Elected!

Disappointed that you uncritically passed along Bloomberg’s speech on marriage without highlighting or at least noting that the REASON anti-equality Republicans are in power in New York State’s Senate is because Bloomberg has propped them up for the last several years with donations in the MILLIONS, keeping them in power long past their expiration date. And when he has been asked by the press if he would stop donating to these anti-gay Senators he says no, that he is not “single issue.”

So you and others are giving him credit for some kind of leadership and “major speech” when the fact is that the speech says nothing we don’t know and leaves out any path to victory on this issue—which would have to include GETTING RID OF THE NO VOTES AND REPLACING THEM WITH YES VOTES IN ELECTIONS. This Bloomberg will not commit to. If someone said in 1964 that they favored the Civil Rights Act but would continue to support racist Senators, we would say that was unacceptable. Why is Bloomberg a pass on this?

Talk is cheap. Let him put his money where his mouth is and stop funding bigots. I know he has donated to the New Yorkers United for Marriage group but to do what? Oh, I get it: to lobby the anti-gay Senators he himself put in power. It is a grotesque spectacle.

My theory is that we may well indeed get the marriage equality bill passed this year and Bloomberg wants to be seen as the guy who brought it home. But when it passes it will be in spite of him not because of him. With his money to Senate Republicans, he has been the biggest obstacle in the state to marriage equality, GENDA, and a host of other progressive legislation.

And in case you are unaware of Bloomberg’s miserable record on LGBT issues, I append it below. And don’t even get me started on his abuse of civil liberties.

— Andy Humm, gay journalist and activist criticizing the numerous gay blogs that ran Bloomberg’s Thursday speech without once calling Bloomberg out on his crap. You can read Humm’s complete list of Bloomberg’s LGBT failures here.