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Another Winter Party attendee, SF nurse, hospitalized with COVID-19

Mike Schultz, a nurse at San Francisco’s California Pacific Medical Center, has entered the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. Schultz attended the Winter Party with his boyfriend last month.

The Winter Party–which took place just before strict social distancing was implemented–has been linked to several cases of coronavirus and two deaths.

Now The Advocate reports that Schultz, who attended the party with his boyfriend, DJ Joshua Hebblethwaite, began exhibiting symptoms just one day after the party’s conclusion. Pink News also reports that Schultz went into the hospital several days later, and has remained on a ventilator ever since.

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Hebblethwaite and other friends and family of Schultz also have launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for Schlutz’s mounting medical expenses. “We are all aware of how expensive hospital stays are,” the crowdsourcing statement reads. “Additionally, Mike’s inability to work at this time and during his recovery will cause a huge financial burden that he shouldn’t have to handle on his own. Let’s all pitch in and help this amazing guy however we can —  every dollar helps and will go a long way for him.”

In addition, Hebblethwaite also hosted a virtual party this past weekend to earn medical funds.

On his Facebook page, Hebblethwaite has also issued a plea for friends and fans to stay home. “A little over 3 weeks ago my bf Mike came to Boston to spend the weekend with me,” he wrote. “Over the weekend both he and I got very sick. While I slowly got better he got worse. At one point his breathing got so difficult he couldn’t catch his breath and said he felt like drowning. My family and I rushed him to the ER…He’s been in the ICU in a medically induced coma since then and due to visitor restrictions I still haven’t been able to see him. Mike, 40 years old and a nurse from SF, was in excellent health with no pre-existing conditions and this hit him HARD! This virus is NO JOKE!”

“Observe social distancing and self-quarantine,” Hebblethwaite concludes. “You think you are healthy enough if you get it you’ll be fine but please, don’t risk it! It’s not just about you but everyone else as well.”