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  • Soupy

    I’m sure that it is fun to be sarcastic about this, but kids getting some good exercise in support of a positive message does not seem like a bad thing to me.

  • CaliberGuy

    Gee sarcasm much? I think that this is good, the kids had fun they got a message out there and it looks like the shoppers enjoyed it to, a win, win, win, in my book!

  • Clint

    This kinda shit makes me cry. Haha, sooo cute.

  • AdamA

    Nice–but a misuse of the term “performance art.”

  • TJ Parker

    Aww. The asian boi in the front reminds me of my first bf. I’m sad and happy.

  • David Gervais

    SEE ! !

    This is what happens when the school district has formal, implemented and supported anti- bullying/racism/homophobia policies.

    Note the crowd in the mall…. in Vancouver, the stereotype was that the older people were very socially conservative. This is obviously wrong, they were smiling and applauded. This is because the young people CAN teach old dogs.

  • Mark Michaels

    Man, tech savvy and can dance. Good job.

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