Anti-Gay Anglicans Preparing Move

Conservative Anglican leaders aren’t breaking away from the international communion, but they are hoping to change the balance of power.

Anglican conservatives, frustrated by the continuing stalemate over homosexuality in the Anglican Communion, declared Sunday that they would defy historic lines of authority and create a new power bloc within the communion led by a council predominantly of African archbishops.

They depicted their efforts as the culmination of an anti-colonial struggle against the communion’s seat of power in Britain, from which missionaries first carried Anglican Christianity to the developing world. The conservatives say many of the descendants of those Anglican missionaries in Britain and North America are following a “false gospel” that allows a malleable interpretation of Scripture.

Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola, known for his virulent homophobia, called the decision a “new beginning.” We call it bullshit – how are you going to use liberation struggles as the “inspiration” for such a hateful shift? It’s just gross.