Antigay Author Orson Scott Card Attacks Obama, Compares Him To Hitler And Putin

orson scott cardApparently unsatisfied with merely receiving the intense scorn of LGBT people and their allies for this virulently antigay stance and provoking a planned boycott of the upcoming film adaptation of his novel Ender’s Gameconservative author Orson Scott Card has now lobbed accusations at President Obama, comparing him to Adolph Hitler and Vladimir Putin.

On his blog Civilization Watch, Card has taken the president to task for being as, he sees it, unwilling to stand up to Muslim dictators hellbent on harming America. He referred to Obama as a “dictator” who “acts as if the Constitution were just for show.”

“Like Augustus Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolph Hitler, and Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama could become lifetime dictator without any serious internal opposition,” the author wrote.

Card continued his conspiracy-heavy tirade by adding, “Obama is, by character and preference, a dictator. He hates the very idea of compromise; he demonizes his critics and despises even his own toadies in the liberal press. He circumvented Congress as soon as he got into office by appointing ‘czars’  who didn’t need Senate approval.”

Naturally, he points a finger at the news media, claiming that they have “never challenged Obama on anything.”

And adding a racist slant to his rant, Card refers to the president as “a black man who talks like a white man (that’s what they mean by calling him ‘articulate’ and a ‘great speaker’).”

It will be interesting to see how Lionsgate, the studio releasing Ender’s Game in November and which issued a statement in support of LGBT rights, will be able to distance itself and the film from Card’s latest controversy.


h/t: Los Angeles Times

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  • whatisthis

    What? You mean to tell me he isn’t bowing down to Putin and his anti-gay crusade? My mind is full of fuck.

  • MK Ultra

    That was good, Card.
    Now try it on a street corner in a tin foil hat and a sign that reads “the end is near”.

  • mz.sam

    The caption title should’ve read: NOT A FULL DECK FROM A FLACCID DICK.

  • Geoff B

    While I’m not a huge fan of Obama on many issues, I refuse to buy into crap by ultra right wing idealouges like this idiot who can do no better than exaggerate and outright lie any more than I buy the crap from the ultra left. It’s about time the hysterical shrews from both sides stop hijacking the dialouge and the silent majority from both sides who want to actually get something done get a chance to be heard. It’s time for the Michelle Bachmanns and Charlie Rangels to shut the hell up and time for the Lisa Murkowskis and Joe Donnelys to be heard.

  • Jared MacBride

    This guy is a “creative genius” and the best he can do is a childish Hitler comparison?

  • Halston

    This guy has kids??????

  • Gigi Gee

    “Don’t be intolerant of my intolerance and DON’T QUOTE ME VERBATIM!”
    — Orson Scott Victim Card

  • Halston

    No, I’m serious this guy has kids????

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Yeah, Muslims, they’re next. They have to stir up fear in order to shake money from the bigot-tree. The Red Scare, The Gays, and now, Muslims.

  • carob

    He’s losing it. Wasn’t the young Ender supposed to be a mataphor for Hitler?

  • Dakotahgeo

    Orson Scott Card– yet another frustrated closet case!!

  • Cam

    Lets also not forget, he isn’t just anti-gay. He is the Mormon Board member of NOM and his decisions have been behind NOM funding every single fight against pro-gay bills and has funded and supported pretty much every anti-gay bill state by state nationwide.

    This isn’t just a crazy bigot. This crazy bigot is the reason multiple states have anti-gay rights amendments in their constitutions.

    IT’s fun to watch the studio scramble. At first they thought that advertising the movie and sending out Harrison Ford to downplay Card would work and that backfired, now they have pulled advertising and are hoping people will forget. It will be interesting to see what happens when “Enders Game” comes out. I”m guessing it isn’t going to do well in large cities.

  • MsAlex11

    Dear Mr. Card

    I hope your eternal punishment is sitting in hell where you are assaulted by endless Andrew Christian models and big burly bears and you are tea bagged by bid hairy balls for all eternity. Have a nice day!

  • Geoff B

    @Halston: It does boggle the mind. He has a smile that would light up a psych ward.

  • mcflyer54

    A poster boy for the wingnuts – everything they stand for in one overweight, wealthy, middle age, bigoted white man! The tea party’s dream come true. Now if they can only get him to run for office.

  • RomanHans

    This post has confirmed that an Ender’s Game boycott is the way to go. He had enough chance to apologize or back down or at least STFU and he didn’t. Now we’ve got to let people know that friends of the gay community won’t watch his crap, and fingers crossed the movie bombs BIG.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    What a joker.

  • MK Ultra

    If Obama were like Putin or Hitler, Card would already be in a hard labor detention camp.
    Why don’t crazy right wingers understand this?

  • Dakotahgeo

    @MK Ultra: They do not understand because they are learning-impaired and have multiple psychological malfunctions in thinking. They THINK they understand but they are looking in their mirrors and asking the wrong questions. Pity them… lucky us.

  • Dr. Dick

    @Gigi Gee: YES LOL, u won

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