Antigay Pseudo-Historian David Barton Writing God-Filled Textbooks For Public Schools


David Barton
David Barton. Via Vimeo.

David Barton has made a name for himself as an evangelical talking head and the author of factually inaccurate “history” books, including one that was recalled by its publisher over its loose relationship with the truth.

Now, if a Periscope from his son Tim of a meeting between Barton and representatives of Gateway Church is to be believed, students will be “treated” to his take on the world.

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“I just contracted, about two weeks ago, we’re doing a government textbook, a national government textbook, but it will very much be in this vein. But it will meet all the Texas TEKS standards and all the national standards for any state. It can be used in any state. Except it will have a lot of God in it,” Barton says.

This is not particularly shocking to hear, coming from a guy who has called not allowing religion to influence the government a “twisted, perverted form of separation of church and state.”

“After we get done with this,” he continued, “our next project is to write a history curriculum. We’ve got these old history books and you cannot read an old history book without seeing God all over the place, because God was just involved.”

Barton is also staunchly antigay, comparing homosexuality to incest and has said he does not believe there will ever be a vaccine for HIV/AIDS because God is punishing gay people.

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He was also one of the evangelical leaders at a rally Marco Rubio and Donald Trump attended in Orlando exactly two months after the shooting at Pulse, and was also on the Republican National Convention platform committee. Which, you might recall, was so antigay it even upset the Log Cabin Republicans.

Watch a video of Barton making his remarks about writing God-filled textbooks below, Via Right Wing Watch.