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Apparently Ivanka & her dad almost broke up in 2019 after she did something super shady behind his back

This just in: Ivanka Trump Kushner’s relationship with her dad reportedly “severely” broke down in 2019 after news broke that she had been maintaining a secret friendship with Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent revealed in court this week.

Steele, as you may recall, is the guy behind the notorious Steele dossier, the political opposition research report from 2016 that was all about Trump’s alleged ties to Russia and that infamous peepee tape which, thankfully, has never seen the light of day.

59-year-old Steele made the remarks re: Ivanka and Donald’s relationship in a witness statement in London court this week, where the ex-president is suing his intelligence company, Orbis Business Intelligence, for allegedly violating U.K. data-protection laws when gathering information for the 35-page dossier.

Now, a little backstory: In 2019, the U.S. Justice Department conducted an investigation into the dossier after the ex-president accused Steele of being a “Trump hater.” That’s when it was discovered he and Ivanka were secretly BFFs.

Steele told investigators that he was actually the exact opposite of a “Trump hater” and that “if anything he was “favorably disposed toward the Trump family”, particularly Ivanka, who he once gifted a “family tartan from Scotland.” He also said he had once been invited to Trump Tower.

The former MI6 agent reiterated all this in his testimony in London court this week.

“I informed them that I had in fact had a friendship and professional relationship with Ivanka Trump … for several years,” he said.

“My understanding is that Ms Trump had not disclosed our relationship to her father,” he continued, adding that when the ex-president found out, it “severely damaged their relationship.”


Steele went on to say that, from his vantage point, much of Trump’s “vindictive and vexatious conduct” toward him seemed to be less about the dossier and more about his secret friendship with Ivanka.

Trump denied all this in his testimony, however, calling Steele’s references to his daughter “reckless,” adding: “Any inference or allegation that Mr Steele makes about my relationship with my daughter is untrue and disgraceful.”

As for Ivanka, as usual, she’s remaining tight-lipped about the whole thing and has not commented on her ties to Steele.

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