Art Trek


Tired of those Salvatore Dali prints on your wall you’ve had since college? You should be. But fret no more, we have a replacement: Trek Thunder Kelly.

The Los Angeles-based artist works in re-imagining popular brands, a la Warhol, but with a modern twist. The iPod Abu Gharib pieces are brilliant and disturbing, while the OJ Simpson knife set is just brilliant. Our favorite may be the dada-esque Angelina brand of Vaseline. We don’t know what he’s trying to say but we’re thinking maybe it has something to do with the lips.

Not impressed yet? Kelly also ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger for California’s Governor election alongside porn star Mary Carey and Gary Coleman. Still not impressed? He spent twenty grand to have his entire wardrobe all made into a certain shade of blue and that’s all he wore. For an entire year. Silly stunt man? Brilliant artist? Modern day Duchamp? We’ll leave that up to you but we wouldn’t mind having the Frida Klein piece here at the office.

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