For the record

Axe Body Spray releases statement in response to Boston’s “Straight Pride” parade

Axe body spray bottles

Axe Body Spray wants everyone to know that it will not be participating in the “Straight Pride” parade happening in Boston later this summer.

It all started after a tweet listing all the “Floats for the Straight Pride Parade…” went viral and included the popular deodorant spray as #1 on the list.

Tweeted Axe: “we’ll be at the parade that matters and this one isn’t it”

When an Axe hater named Jill Lennon made a jab at the brand, it clapped back: “Gay rights are human rights but go off jill”

And when someone named Pat praised the social media intern running Axe’s Twitter account, it was quick to set the record straight by saying: “interns don’t run the social media of major companies pat but thank you”

We’re glad that’s settled.

Thanks, Axe. See you at the real Pride!

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