Babeu In New Doo-Doo Over Abuse At Old School, Affair With Former Student

When it comes to Arizona lawman and Senate congressional hopeful Paul Babeu, where’s there smoke there’s at least one fire: Babeu (right) just got finished answering allegations he threatened to have an immigrant boyfriend deported when new rumors have started swirling around the Pinal County sheriff’s tenure as a headmaster in Massachusetts in the early 2000s.

ABC 15 reports that while Babeu was director of the private DeSisto School from 1999 to 2001, the state Office of Child Care Services launched an investigation “into repeated allegations of abuse.”

The documents show that during Babeu’s tenure the school was not licensed. Other allegations include detailed instances of physical and sexual abuse.

Holli Nielsen, a former student under Babeu’s watch, called the academy “cult-like,” and told ABC 15 how she was forced to strip down and wear nothing but a sheet in front of other students. “That’s how I spent my 16th birthday. It was just miserable.” Other reports detail strip searches, forced isolation and sexual assaults between students.

Nielsen says Babeu knew of the excesses at the school, but perhaps he was distracted by life at home: According to Babeu’s sister, Lucy, he had a 17-year-old student living with him:

“I said what is this student from DeSisto doing here? He says, ‘Lucy, he’s my boyfriend. I love him.’ ”

Nielsen claims the relationship was “was widely known but not discussed.” The embattled sheriff left the school in 2001, three years before it was shut down as a result of the investigation.

Sadly, it’s not so shocking Babeu had a teenage boyfriend who was attending the school he worked at—closeted Republicans do some really f**ked up things. What’s incredible is that he somehow thought this wouldn’t surface later when he ran for public office.

Babeu insists he’s not guilty of any wrongdoing, but he pulled out of a speaking engagement at the Tulsa Police Heroes awards reception set for this Saturday.

“Sheriff Babeu and the organization running the event both agreed the importance needs to be on the officers, not baseless allegations and attacks made against the sheriff,” said Elias Johnson, public information officer for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

Maybe he’s afraid someone will have a subpoena?

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  • stacy

    This reads like a 4th grader wrote it. Ever hear of spell check?

  • Cam

    “”What’s incredible is that he somehow thought this wouldn’t surface later when he ran for public office.””

    No, actually Polticians etc… are vetted by the parties. It did surface but nobody cared if it looked like the guy was going to win. The reason this information is being released publiclly must likely is because he was outted. The GOP has no problem with somebody with a suspect past, they just can’t be gay.

  • pedro

    Please stop calling this man a Senate hopefull. He has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting his party’s nomination, let alone winning the senate seat. He is toast. This is all a joke, his political career is over, even before this lastest tidbit, the good Christian people of his chosen political party were not going to send a homogay to Washington. End of. If I’m wrong, I will be pleasantly shocked out of my mind…I somehow don’t think I am though…

  • Right Is Right

    @Cam: My my my. I can understand the mean girls on this site attacking someone for being against them, but attacking someone for being one of us—but having differing politial opinions—is just beyond the pale. What, exactly, did this man do to harm any of you? I don’t know if you people are just mad at the world because you’re gay or if you’re just super-hateful because you’re so liberal, but either way, your attitude toward other human beings is downright deplorable. So much for liberal compassion; looks like all you have to cling to now is your liberal guilt.

  • FreddyMertz

    Curiouser and curioser.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    @Right Is Right:
    So you’re cool with a headmaster taking a student as his 17 year old live-in lover?

  • delurker


    Republicans like him live by a simple acronym IOKIYAR = “It’s OK if you’re a Republican.” So yes, he’s ok with Baboon stupping a student while he was headmaster.

  • MEJ

    Good. I hope his ass is grass. He took advantage of a teenager with emotional issues. I’d love to see what the douchebags over at Gay Patriot have to say about this. I’d go look, but my hip waders aren’t close by.

  • unbelievable

    Unbelievable. Google “Josh Geyer Stockbridge” and what do you come up with? Review of a play written by students at the DeSisto school and entitled “Inappropriate.” It deals with abuse, among other things. Josh Geyer performed “sinuous” dance moves.

  • tjr101

    Sheriff Babeu is going down the toilet faster than my last turd. The only thing Republicans hate on more than black and brown people these days are gays and sherriff Babeu knows this which is why the pathetic soul stayed in the closet all these years. He so wanted to be a part of the hate machine while hopping into bed with Mexican men in the dark. “Poor” Babeu just can’t have it both ways.

  • tj

    A mentally unstable gay Republican… I am shocked

  • CHIP1218

    Stop saying Senate hopeful…he’s running for Congress, not Senate! Your site got it correct on other articles on this topic…

  • WJoaquin

    Another scumbag gay Republican? Is anyone actually surprised?

  • Lucifer

    The military has a question for you. Did you lie when you enlisted? Republicans are so two faced.

  • bystander

    Hasn’t this guy come out in support of gay rights? Is there any reason to bitch about him, while ignoring the prostitution rings run out of Barney Frank’s apartment other than one’s a republican and ones a democrat. Lets face it, it doesn’t mater if an out gay republican is working for gay rights and challenging the party orthodoxy, establishment gays will hate them anyways.

  • Joe stratford

    He only supported gay rights after he was outer. Before that he was threatening a gay man with deportation and statutorily raping his student

  • Oh, ok.

    What a joke. I need some popcorn.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @bystander: Thank you for your rational approach to the subject, as well as pointing out the Barney Frank hypocrisy. As is evidenced, that’s very rare on this site. All you have to do is say the words “gay Republican” and the claws come out.

  • mylife

    Pinal County should be ashamed. This guy lacks character and common sense. He is shady and needs to drop off the face of the earth.

  • Xenophilia

    @Right Is Right: Kay, RightisRight—Not sure they’re hating, really. Is saying someone has no chance of winning really spewing venom or a dose of reality?

  • Xenophilia

    Well, I think the issue is that he is not just gay, but (if allegations prove true) also a pedophile.
    Keep tracing back his timeline: you will find that he was one of the many altar boys abused by priests in Massachusetts in the 1960s—90s. So as you guys (sorry it sounds like ‘you people’ — we say ‘you guys’ in Berkshire County) are always saying: Being gay is different from being a pedophile.

    …so now the question is which part of this is his natural proclivity and which part is a manifestation of his disability? (PTSD victims can be attracted to the thing that traumatized them)

    I can’t speak for the gay community (not even gay! ?) but I can well imagine the ‘ick factor’ that might prevent gay people from supporting him…it’s certainly not going to help gays become accepted within the Republican party if homosexuality is linked with pedophilia.

  • Isaac C

    Disgusting perv.

  • Xenophilia

    @bystander: aw, c’mon bi-stander…Barney Frank wasn’t running a prostitution ring out of his office, he just fell for a pretty face.
    Can you honestly say you’ve never done the same?

  • Asherman

    @Right Is Right:

    Differing political opinions? Get real! The Republican Party has spent decades spewing racist and homophobic crap to divide and conquer at the polls. Across the country, GOP officials are using anti-gay measures to bring out the vote.

    Babeau stood by silently throughout his career, never speaking out for gay rights until he was outed. He was happy to get the votes of bigots who thought he was a straight, white male conservative.

    Also, nice of you to skate over the whole issue of a 30 year old principal having a 17 year old as his live in lover. The obvious ethical issue of abuse of power should stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Rob

    I certainly wouldn’t complain if Paul Babeu wanted to strip me down and frisk me!

    The whole chickenhawk thing with how he was with a 17 year old teen is fucked up and sick though.

  • vixlad

    @pedro: Agreed.

  • Shannon1981

    @Rob: Pretty sure you are a little old for his tastes.

  • Zephyr

    Brother of Trista Geyer, aka Kendall Brooks (NSFW), also known for sinuous moves. While you’re at it, look up A. Michael DeSisto, the school’s founder, Babeu’s patron, an accomplished con artist, and another connoisseur of troubled boys.

  • shannon


  • kawneekwa

    Oh dear. That Grand Ol’ Party!!

  • EmmaMTF

    BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaaaa. My lord. Not only with an illegal immigrant but with an underage student as well? This is too good to be true. Absolutely hilarious. I kind of don’t even want the Republicans to go away now! We’re having too much fun laughing at their expense as a freakshow :D

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