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Barbados National Wants To Sink Gay Cruises

Irate islander Eric Selby simply can’t stand queer cruises stopping on his beloved Barbados. That’s why the irate Selby wrote this editorial letter calling for more public protest:

It is quite disheartening to hear of no dissenting voices in public to the planned stop-over of a cruise ship carrying gay passengers.

Talk about rights! Don’t our children not have rights too? Not to be exposed to such immoral conduct which proceeds from these individuals?

A passenger in my car noticed two male tourists kissing on Hastings Road recently. Is this the type of behavior we will condone in our island, paradise and all?

There are stories of young boys and girls being enticed into the gay lifestyle. It is not uncommon to see hard-back women buying gifts for young girls and petting them in Town.

We’re assuming “hard-back” women is Selby’s polite way of saying “bull dykes.

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