Behind The Scenes Of ‘Will & Grace’ Reunion Is A Heaping Dose Of Nostalgia


Your love of 90s nostalgia just got triggered: the cast of Will and Grace has reunited for a video about how voting only matters in swing states, and it’s like the last 15 years have melted away and we’re all living in a world of sitcoms.

Check out the behind the scenes video below for shots of the cast together, holding iPhones that were just a twinkle in the eye of Steve Jobs back when the gang was originally on the air.

Seeing them gather around a table to read their scripts, hanging out on a recreation of their original set, and standing under ridiculous TV lights that look nothing like a real human environment is an unmitigated delight.

Also fascinating: the army of staff who assembled to make their video possible. So many camera people! Makeup people! To say nothing of post-production! Jim Burroughs is there to direct! Norman Lear is also evident hanging around on set, posing with the stars.

One question that remains unanswered: who paid for all this? It must’ve been crazy expensive to build this set, hire all these extremely expensive people, and edit the whole thing together. Where’d the money for this come from? With Norman Lear present, maybe it’s People for the American Way. But we may never know the truth.

Fun fact: students of gay marriage history will recall that back in 2000, the cast of Will and Grace shot an ad telling Californians to vote no on Proposition 22. At the time, it looked like Will & Grace might get cancelled, and the showrunners were afraid that the ad would anger NBC and so they pleaded with the No On 8 campaign not to use it. So instead of airing the commercial, the campaign simply put out a press release that the commercial existed, and that got them a ton of publicity without even having to put it on the air. Clever girls.