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  • M Shane

    Mark Wahlberg & J. Phoenix would need brain transplants to play roles a complex as those involved in Brokeback Mountain ish! .
    They are not within the approximate acting facility that Ledger (esp).and Glynhall are, Whaklberg can only play certain kinds of fairly undemanding flat roles. Indeed, even in real life, if they wanted to function in European society they would have to kiss men. What we call “actors”!

  • ggreen

    Poor 4’10” little dicked Marky Mark. He’ll have to keep pumping out cable drivel like “Entourage” for the rest of his days. Supporting parts with East Boston accents like the one he had in “The Departed” only come along every 20 or 30 years.

  • Brian

    Thank god they where creeped out. What a crappy movie that would have been. Unless it was supposed to be a comedy

  • todd

    Their creep-out worked out for Jake and Heath – two far more talented actors.

  • todd

    Their creep-out worked out well for Jake and Heath – two far more talented actors.

  • Amber LeMay

    But Todd, how do you really feel about it?

  • tovin

    More old news, I’m afraid. I remember reading this months ago. And the people complaining that the “creeped out” comment was homophobic.

  • JP

    “Creeped out” shows that they are Hollywood commodities, not actors.

  • M Shane

    That’s kind of an interesting point(above). That if the actors had been (openly at least) gay, the parts wouldn’t have been as chalenging and the movie as excellent. There is something very special about people falling well into a role that is so foreign to them.
    Of course it might be a little strange for a gay person whio didn’t believe in showing affection=like kissing, or froliking.

  • Timothy

    Ummm… $83 million in US box office alone. And in foreign sales, DVD, etc. and you have way over $80 mil.

    As for “accolades”, even though it did not win the Academy Award (lost to “Crunch”, or “Smash”, or something no one recalls), it was still the most awarded movie in history.

  • Kid A

    I’m not trying to absolve what homophobia may be in the comment, but I can certainly imagine some queen “creeped out” by having a hetero sex scene.

    That said, gay actors have had to play straight for a century.

  • afrolito

    On what planet was Brokeback the most “awarded” in movie history??

    Not the one I live on, and I liked the film.

  • M Shane

    It’s pretty amazing how many awards they’ve dreamt up for films so that doesn’t mean much. The pitiful fact is that the film ” Squish” i I think it was, had a screenplay that could have been written by a tenthgrader and resembled morethan anything a bunch of unrelated jumble from a cutting room floor. It’s only redeaming value was a bunch of confused moral messages about racism in Hollywood.
    ???? what an obvious fix fix fix and any one who cared about film should have torn things apart.

  • Jack Jett

    Dear Kid A

    Yes, you are right and make a valid point. I would be freaked out if I had to put my face in a chicks twat….or basically get in earshot of it.

    I can handle the tits though.

    I am just very anti vagina. I think they are evil, mystical, and practice blatant voodoo.

  • M Shane

    Gay people are so brainwashed, as are hets into seeing with each and every fucking film a heterosexual love bit as an necessary part of each and every frigging movie, that we would go home feeling lost and not knowing why if their wasn’t some of that kind of action.
    When even one excellent film is different we just accpt that a piece of trash ‘ maybe that’s the name “trash'”(no that was a good movie!)
    would run over a masterpiece if it had a gay theme.

  • M Shane

    Jack: it just takes practice to gain a taste for new things? It’s kind of like sushi, I think!

  • M Shane

    Bet you’re the kind who wouldn’t eat your spinach either. We should try new things remember “Hanabel” .

  • amvanman

    I don’t think they would have been anywhere near as creeped out doing the scenes as the audience, including the gay portion, would be having to watch them. Personally I think they are a couple of trolls anyway.

  • Phoenix

    Mark Wahlberg “creeps” me out. Excuse me while I go bleach my brain, I just visualized.

  • boy6221

    What babies. That reveals what kind of actors they really are.

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