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Belgium’s Rabid Bigot Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard Hit With 4 More Pie Attacks

It was custard, in case you’re looking for the recipe of the pie that was smooshed into the face — FOUR TIMES! — of Belgium’s Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, who’s claimed that mankind’s AIDS epidemic is what we get for letting the gays run around. The video is the work of “The Glooper,” who creamed the Catholic clergyman at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve, near Brussels. Of course this isn’t Leonard’s first pie face: He was hit in November at an All Saints Day service. But when you aid and abet child molesting priests, a few unsolicited calories are the least of your troubles.

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  • Philip

    Something tells me he’s had a face full of white creamy stuff on many other occasions.

  • Tom

    When are they going to hit him with a brick pie?

  • Ruhlmann

    This is repulsive behaviour. This old man is a product of his generation and only parrots his irrelevent church’s superstitions. Assaulting him four times has made him a victim of bullying. As much as I detest his statements I feel true sorrow of his humiliating degradation. This hurts us all.

  • Jeffree

    Throwing a pie in someone’s face seems like a childish way to express disagreement. Words would be more effective. Clearly the Archbishop deserves scorn, but it’s not helping “our” cause to pull a stunt like this — not to mention a waste of pie !

  • divkid

    @jeffree, agree.
    alas, what with being on the more reasonable, humane, side of the culture wars, i’m afflicted with defective character trait: namely, human sympathy and empathy, for the bullied, weak, the underdog.

    therefore i hate that stunts like this force from me a twinge of sympathy for individuals entirely undeserving of it. (hey, fuck me for being a nice guy!)

    there are, surely, more creative, sassy ways of defeating their crazy; their words do half the job for us already.

    we can’t fight unreason with unreason. good humour yes; cruel humour even. outright humiliation, intimidation, and bullying, no.

    if nothing else it’s counter-productive. such people are primed and eager to assume the martyr’s pose.

    moreover: “bishop takes a cream-pie” conjures up all kinds of wrong! and could cause me permanent erectile dysfunction.

  • Alex

    Homosexuality – a mental disorder. And it’s a terrible mortal sin. We must fight the spread of this abomination.

  • GetBalance


    Does that mean you will be giving up your extensive gay porn collection?

  • GetBalance

    I have to disagree about pie throwing being wrong or bad. It’s the universal quasi legal way of getting a strong message out, that being “we’re not going to take it anymore and shut the fuck up”. It was brightly enshrined upon Anita Bryant’s face and I think it should stay a gay point making device when appropriate. I think the Phelps should be next.

  • Lefty

    @Alex: By visiting gay sites and increasing their revenue? Good call!

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