Did you know that lesbians love Belinda Carlisle? We didn’t – although it makes perfect sense. Carlisle did start her career as a teenager punker turned popster, singing about her sealed vagina with cutie peers, The Go-Gos. We can only imagine what their spandexed crotches did the labia loving ladies. Good things, we’re sure.

Anyway, the thought didn’t cross our mind until a reader sent us a link to Jenny Stewart‘s very lesbian interview with Ms. Carlisle. A sappho-journo through and through, Stewart gets all up in the girl-on-girl gossip. After Carlisle gushes over all her die hard dyke defenders and admits a crush on Debbie Harry, she gets a little deeper with these “shocking” revelations:

BC: …You know something? Believe me — I’ve been there and I’ve done it all. Let’s just put it that way.

JS: Wait a minute. What do you mean by that?

BC: Well, without going into too much detail…I think all of us in the band, we’ve all had…we’ve all seen the experience you are probably wondering about. And, yeah, like I said, without going into too much detail, we’ve all been there and done that.

JS: Geez, Belinda.

BC: Well, it’s true. And you know, my son is always online and stuff like that, so without going into too much detail…yeah.

Huh? Are we supposed to know what that means? Because we don’t. Maybe they’re speaking some secret lezzie language or something, because we just see a flimsy hint at a sexual past. “…Been there done that”? Done what? Did you muff dive? Finger some chick? Wear a strap on and fuck the shit out of some boi? We demand answers!

Unfortunately, Carlisle can’t hear us through these textual rants, so maybe you guys should just go over, read the interview and draw your own conclusions. Also, while you’re getting all worked up over Ms. C, why not relive Jack E. Jett‘s sit down with the chanteuse? It’s better than a warm vagina on a winter morn’. Well, for us, at least…

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