Bianca Del Rio Gets Up All in Alyssa Edward’s Gig – Really Queen?

“The amazing thing about Alyssa Edwards is she is fucking hysterical – but she doesn’t realize it!” – Bianca Del Rio

If there’s one queen who can make you laugh – well there isn’t! There are two! Bianca Del Rio is known for her biting wit and hilarious insult comedy. Alyssa Edwards is known for her over-the-top personality, multitude of catchphrases and for not being a singer or a damned seamstress. Alyssa is, however, funny as hell! Even when she isn’t trying to be.

In the video below Bianca lovingly and hysterically reads Alyssa for filth but cannot properly execute a tongue pop. Really queen?

Bianca really comes that way (all riiiggghttt) by revisiting Alyssa’s short and unsuccessful foray into lead and backing vocals on a RuPauls Drag Race challenge. In case anyone has forgotten, Alyssa really is not a damned singer. She is, however, a fierce fucking queen! Always and forever!

Enjoy Bianca’s hilarious walk down memory lane, and remember: “It’s not personal, it’s drag!”

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Watch: Bianca Del Rio’s “Really Queen” with Alyssa Edwards