Big Gay Road Trip Encounter: Destiny


Last night we met the young and gorgeous Destiny, one of Winnipeg’s star drag performers who was hosting an event at downtown gay hot spot Gio’s. Destiny is the winner of the 2006 Miss Gio’s title and hosts events and fundraisers three times a week while also performing out-of-town across Canada and the U.S. She will be representing Winnipeg at Vancouver Pride this year.

Destiny has been active in the Winnipeg gay scene since she was 15 years old, and started performing drag at the age of 17. She is now 21 and is one of the most visible faces in gay Winnipeg.

She took a few minutes to show us her crown and dish on the inner workings of Winnipeg’s small-but-lively gay scene. Read the interview after the jump.

Queerty: Is Gio’s pretty much the go-to spot for homos in Winnipeg?
Destiny: It is definitely a hot spot. What’s really unique about Gio’s is that it is a gay-owned and operated non-profit members bar. Every member is an owner, but non-members of course are welcome here any night of the week. Gio’s is a part of the community here.
Q: How many drag queen are there in Winnipeg?
D: I would have to say 40 plus. You don’t see all of them out and about, but there is a big community.
Q: Any rivalries?
D: I won’t pretend there isn’t rivalry and jealousy, but there is also a lot of sincerity. I personally get along with the older generation because the younger ones maybe see me as competition, I don’t know. But the interesting thing about the community here is that no matter how catty and bitchy things get, these girls are there for each other if the need arises. We all have each other’s back.
Q: Tell us a bit about your performance routine.
D: I am known for doing Cher; it’s my specialty and not to brag, but I am known as Winnipeg’s finest Cher. But my life is not performing, it’s marketing. I love performing, but I also love meeting people, networking, and building community. In fact “community” is my theme for 2006.
Q: Do you ever wish you lived in a larger city?
D: I am interested in building Destiny’s name, and I have been very successful doing that here in Canada, and I would like to continue performing and building a reputation in Vancouver and eventually in the U.S. However, Winnipeg is home for me.

Destiny’s Official Website [Flickr]
Gio’s [Official Site]

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