Big Gay Road Trip: Odyssey

While Calgary was a charming city (and by charming, we mean creepily conservative and unwelcoming), we had to push on to Canada’s shining western jewel, and the last stop on our road trip: Vancouver. It’s a city that has it all: beaches, mountains for hiking, shopping, restaurants, and lots of hideous, expensive condos clogging up the otherwise beautiful waterfront. Since it was Thursday night, we were happy to be there instead of say, Saskatoon, because we knew that there was fun to be found.


After a false start at a club called Shine in historic Gastown (and by “false start” we mean a club full of straight frat boys dancing ironically to the Eurhythmics), we ended up at Odyssey for their Shower Thursdays, which involves the not-entirely-original concept of a live man “bathing” in an installed shower for drooling homo spectators. Odyssey also has a large patio out back, but we could not check it out because there was a huge line of smokers waiting to get a puff outside, and unlike real Canadians, we cannot abide waiting in line, especially for anything nightlife related. We would rather sit at home and watch Top Model. Actually we would rather watch Top Model than even go out to a club at all, so maybe that’s a bad comparison.


Nevertheless we had a good time at Odyssey in the spirit of travel. The music was good, the place was packed, and the shower experience was larger than life. See what we mean after the jump [NSFW].

Yes, it is real. Unfortunately I could not document the proof so you’ll have to trust me.

Odyssey Night Club [Official Site]

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