BlogWatch 2006: Turks Do The Crisco Disco

turkish oil wrestling

• Turkish Oil Wrestling. ‘Nuff said. [Casual In Istanbul]

• Salad-tossing as art in Belgium. So weird. [Gridskipper]

• We need to start watching Footballer’s Wives. [Dlisted]

• Ultimate fag-hag Tori Spelling‘s new show, NoTORIous, is a must-watch. We couldn’t be more excited. [The Malcontent]

Tom Malin, the ex-gay hustler (or gay ex-hustler? we’re confused), in an IM intervew on his narrow defeat for the Texas State Legislature. I.e., speaking on former White House reporter/fellow hooker: “Everyone has seen my naked ass. Would love to see his.” Fab. [Wonkette]