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Bottoms Up is a new photography book that shows 111 “beautiful yoga boys” in the classic yoga pose of “The Blissful Baby.” Who are they kidding? These boys are bottoming for you in a position all too familiar to each and every queer.

The publisher legitimatizes a book that only gay men will shell out fifty bucks for:

Photographer David Sprigle has conducted a 10 year photographic study of naked young men in the classic yoga pose Ananda Balasana, also known as “Happy Baby.” Each man in this happy state reveals an expression that is uniquely his own. Vulnerable, intimate, beautiful and very sexy, each photograph conveys the many moods of this private position: joy, power, humor, fear and openness.

Study? Let’s translate this for you. Joy=sex. Power=topping. Humor=more sex. Fear=models being afraid their parents will see the book. Openness=um, pretty self-explanatory.

One question, though. Do the pages come stuck together or do we have to take care of that on our own?

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